A conversation can change your life

January 21 2015

When life gets uncomfortable, it’s easy to run. We bury our noses in our phones when we’re bored or anxious. Waiting in line at the store, riding the train to work, even walking around town. A kind word can redirect a bad day, but we’re afraid to say hello.

It’s become too easy to hide. “I’m busy!” “I’m late!” “They don’t know me.”

We’re hiding from ourselves, too,…


Tips for college freshmen, relevant to you

November 24 2014


Supervisors, bosses, managers, religious leaders. Someone who has been assigned a higher rank than you. Regardless of qualifications, we’re taught to defer and do what they say. This can be intimidating.

Unfortunately, power dynamics build chasms in relationships, relationships that have the potential to dramatically influence who we are and what we become. When someone is standing on a pedestal of authority, it’s easy to forget people are people….


No one has it figured out

November 17 2014

A large number of Nepalis work or study abroad.

Recently I found myself speaking to a young man preparing for his first year of college. He was scared as hell, understandably so, leaving behind his family and everything familiar to attend college in Louisiana. This would be the first time he traveled outside Nepal.

I was 17 when I left the cornfields of Longmont, Colorado for Manhattan’s…


Unlearning problematic beliefs

August 25 2014

Certain beliefs have been hardwired into our minds. From a very early age, our behavior has been molded by rewards and experiences. Thought patterns have formed impressive grooves onto our brains, so much in fact, that twenty, thirty, even forty years later, these patterns persist — some without us knowing, some incredibly damaging to our progress as human beings.

A few of mine, for example:

As fast as possible is always…


Help someone find their way.

August 19 2014

There are people in your world who need to meet.

Send an email introduction today between two people you greatly admire, people who can benefit from knowing each other and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your introduction can spin one person’s life into an entirely new direction.

Fellow impresario, make it happen.


Lessons on working for free

June 23 2014

For almost one year, I’ve volunteered my time serving a group of people I’ve grown to care for immensely. While I’ve sacrificed a lot, I’ve been granted much more in return. Some key takeaways:

1. Let excitement be your guide.

Excitement is an internal barometer letting you know you’re on track. If you’re not excited to get to work, you’re in the wrong place.

There was a time I…


The people in your life will make or break you.

March 20 2014

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business or trying to finish your degree. The people you surround yourself with have the power to dramatically influence your life. Their habits, what they think about themselves, whether or not they view the world as a place of abundance or scarcity — all of these things will impact you.

When I first began as a social worker in the South Bronx, I noticed…


5 steps to great team dynamics

May 02 2013

Set up a ping pong table and buy as many board games as you like — positive rapport doesn’t happen overnight. Employees naturally travel through phases of exploration, challenge, acceptance, and performance. Recognize that all teams move through stages of development, and some individuals require more time to assert their skills and integrate into preexisting units.

1. Encourage interdepartmental collaboration.

The opportunity to work together can significantly contribute to an employee’s…


Find people better than you.

April 16 2013

He always makes the deal.

She finds conveted inside information.

He lands top meetings and befriends the opposition.

Her comments catalyze progress that proceeds company-wide change.

These folks are not your competition. Their work, their composure, their grace under fire, their successes are not your threats.

In fact, these people are your greatest allies.

People better than you offer a tremendous opportunity. They are resources to help you up your game:

  • Their excellence can challenge you…

Assemble your Dream Team

March 07 2013

The company you keep can be a single-handed propelling force in your life. With the right team of people by your side, you can maximize your potential and surpass both professional and personal goals.

Assemble your own Dream Team by looking for these key players:

The Mentor – Someone who’s been there. This is a person you respect and admire. They remind you to look at the big picture. You see…