Is it possible to connect meaningfully online?

August 17 2020

Yes. But it takes intention and effort.

The digital world requires a bit more finesse than in-person events. Many of us grew up in front of screens —- televisions, cinemas halls, Ninentedos, and Game Boys. These same screens paved the way for productivity tools, redefining our lives and the ways in which we schedule, communicate, and do business. Now, laptops and cellphones are within… More...

Announcements (plus a free ebook)

August 17 2018

Have you heard? I’ve put together a free ebook on adventure and risk-taking. You can download it here.

Also, September’s NYC dinner event is almost sold out. Get in touch if you’d like to be considered. This private event is limited to fifteen participants in order to encourage meaningful conversation and constructive networking. If not this time, we can keep you on More...

7 ways to make sure your next meeting is not terrible

September 27 2016

1. Get curious
Gather input and collect information from your team before the meeting is scheduled. What are employees struggling with? What would help them reach their goals?

2. Turn it into a competition
Split attendees into teams. Award points and reward initiative. You can keep a running tally from month to month and provide incentives for top scores.

3. Actively participate
Be prepared to present your own views and concerns instead of sitting passively…


Summer dining (invite only)

July 08 2016

Invitations will soon go out for July’s dinner event in New York City. You must be on the list to be considered. Seating is limited to preserve quality of conversation. Individuals from a range of business sectors are brought together to discuss success (and failure), mentorship and art.

Networking events often attract professionals from similar industries. Our dinners aim to bring together complementary experiences, contrasting ideas, and professionals at different stages…


The value of meeting new people (offline)

April 21 2016

Hectic schedules and limited time pushes “meeting new people” down priority lists. But new people can add spark to your life. From work strategies to personal motivation, even brief encounters can leave a lifetime mark. A meaningful conversation can inspire you to try something new, do better work, become a more thoughtful person, or keep going down the right path.

Online we’re exposed to new tactics and images, but face-to-face encounters are more…


A call could change your life

March 05 2014

I can guarantee it WILL change the life of others.

For the next 48 hours, I’m offering a special incentive. Those who donate a minimum of $100 to the Light Campaign will receive a free one hour phone session with yours truly.

Things we can talk about:

Conversations that matter, organizing, and impresarios: A dinner event in March

February 06 2014

Everyone knows bringing people together in meaningful ways has value. But what does that mean? And how do you build environments that get people to be authentic and real?

Questions I hear:

  • How do you move beyond “What do you do?” at networking events?
  • How important is a guest list, really?
  • Does the environment matter?
  • Can you prevent people from dishing out business cards like candy on Halloween?
  • Is it possible to focus discussion and…