Using technology to enrich our greatest assets, our relationships

August 23 2012

Our worlds have been taken over by likes, friends, retweets, follows. Critics stand watch, ready to advocate for the unplugging of our ever-increasing connectedness. Yet we’ve proven that intention and connection can go hand in hand (Consider TED, Social Media Week, and Creative Mornings — fine examples of technology and social media combining to deepen our relationships). […]


Are you the first to the party?

Most people are afraid to arrive early. They stall around and carefully consider the appropriate time to enter the room. Arriving before others places you in the category of looking too eager, bland, idle. And think of all that empty space you have to fill before other guests arrive—silence! awkwardness! preparation! look busy! smile! Yet these […]


How do you see risk?

August 21 2012

Everyone experiences risk. No one is immune to the anxiety that comes with it. The difference between the daring and the successful is that they’ve learned to cope with it. Questions to ask: How can I minimize my anxieties surrounding this? Can I make myself feel better about this decision? The more you dive, the […]


Predict your own trend.

August 16 2012

We’re bombarded. With people, connections, business cards. Social media has connected us in ways we’ve never experienced before. But is it more meaningful? Valuable? Consider how it has changed your own relationships and experiences. Now that so much of our lives are recorded and documented online, how necessary is it to cultivate experiences sans media […]


We’re all blind.

August 14 2012

We’re all some kind of blind. We can’t help it. We were raised seeing the world a certain way, adopting particular values, learning how to interpret our immediate surroundings. What’s challenging to you may be quite interesting to the woman sitting across the boardroom, and she knows a great solution. Your client’s problem may be […]


My intern is _____ .

August 09 2012

Your assistant might be a tremendous help, relieving you from mundane tasks that eat up your time and cut into your creative flesh. Your intern could also be your greatest asset, filtering information through a unique set of experiences and offering insight into areas you may not be aware of. Assistant or ally. Not mutually […]


What are you listening to?

August 07 2012

What record is playing in your head? Have you written your own soundtrack? Or has someone compiled it for you? The songs/tones/words you surround yourself with sets the tone for your life. If you’re not happy with what you’ve been hearing, make a new recording. Leave the prerecorded songs for someone else (unless they’re really THAT good).


Do you want to win?

August 02 2012

Every day I speak with individuals who tell me they want to succeed in a big way. While “success” can mean something different to each person, most people are looking to surpass the point they’ve arrived to date — a refreshed, higher, faster, better, cleaner, sharper, more focused state of being. Which seems pretty intuitive. […]


A manual for daily adventure

July 31 2012
empty highway overlooking mountain under dark skies

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Go to work, come home, throw together dinner, veg out on the couch. You’ll never live the life you secretly wish for if you become routine’s slave. You have to shake things up. When you enjoy your life, you’ll inspire people around you to test limits they’ve drawn […]


Invest in yourself.

July 26 2012

Success and anything worth doing comes with sacrifice. Money, time, pride, effort, energy, friends, family, hobbies, confidence, reputation — these are just some of the things that end up on the table when you go all in. How are you spending them? Where are you channeling your time and attention and means? Fear often pulls […]