The conversations you have

February 04 2021

The conversations you have directly influence your reality. Want a more positive outlook? Be intentional with your words. Working a passion project? Talk about what you create. Looking to spark change in your community? Listen to stories. Want to make introductions more meaningful? Ask better questions. Delaying projects that matter? Announce your goals to people […]


The value of a pivot

January 28 2021

What is a pivot and why is it important? How do you navigate change and make the most of shifts, both unexpected and anticipated? Listen here for a conversation on change, adaptation, and growth.


Freedom in release

January 18 2021

What happens when you let go, ease off the gas, stop trying to control the outcome? Where does the creativity live — in the process or in the result? Sometimes the answers are sitting in the grip: The moment we release, we find what we’re looking for. What can you let go of today?


Practice not perfect

January 07 2021

Showing up requires a level of greatness. You may not want to, you may be busy, you may tell yourself you’re not capable — but your effort, your trying, your beginning… Start. That’s where the magic happens. It’s not the perfection. It’s not even the win. What do you gain in the doing? How do […]


Pick your word

December 27 2020

It’s been a heck of a year and with a few days left, I want to share a ritual of mine: Choose a word, a theme you’d like to set for for the year to come. (This year my word was “Courage,” and boy, did I need it.) For 2021, I’m choosing “Joy.” I don’t […]


Follow your joy

December 16 2020

2020 has been rough. What can help you forge ahead and start 2021 fresh? Notice your joy — and follow it. Find places that bring smiles. Recognize moments that offer lightness and reprieve. Spend time with those who make you feel good. If joy feels like a stretch right now, start with curiosity. Ask questions. […]


How many are in your fan club?

December 07 2020

Do you need 100 fans or 1,000? Maybe you need a million. First you must identify your purpose. Are you trying to create a product, a business, a community, a movement? Then, decide your method. Thousands of conversions may not be necessary. Remember your “why.”


The weight you carry

November 29 2020

On a normal day, you carry a certain amount of stress. Depending on the season or time in your life, you may be adding extra to that load. This weight looks different for everyone, and someone may be carrying more — or less — than you at any given time. Have compassion. When your arms […]


Are your friends ready to evolve with you?

November 23 2020

Different experiences demand different strengths, and different phases of life bring different challenges. What areas of your life do you refuse to compromise? Set non-negotiables and make moves accordingly. Then, trust yourself enough to know that if it doesn’t feel right, you will go. Confidence grows from clarity.


What can you celebrate?

November 16 2020

Instead of waiting for an occasion or holiday, find something to celebrate. Make an occasion out of nothing. When you approach life from a place of celebration, the wins become easier to spot. Tell me what you celebrate today.