How do you want to be known?

October 26 2018

A lot of people are searching.

We’re questioning the ways things are done and how they are run, the notion of work, the ways in which we live, and the relationships we invest our time in.


Why are you waiting?

October 17 2018


When I have enough saved, when I make more, after we sell the house.


When I quit, for the next job, during vacation, this weekend.


When I am divorced, when I find The One, when I am single, after we get married, when she leaves.


Next year, three months from now, tomorrow, after work, when the kids are grown, when I turn 50.

What if that moment never comes?

The right time, the right…


Guilt is worthless (mostly)

October 14 2018

Guilt can be split into two faces: The kind that is paralyzing and negative, a harmful state that serves nothing and no one; and the kind that can help you fix what is broken.

The first kind, for obvious reasons, is worthless. This kind of guilt will trick you into thinking you are worthless. It robs you of your most present and precious moments and kills your confidence.

The second…


Sweet and spicy

October 04 2018

The most talented chefs have memorized which flavors keep diners coming back for more. These particular dishes aren’t ones that fall into strict “Spicy,” “Sour,” or “Sweet” categories. Instead, they combine elements of several flavor profiles and artfully merge them into one.

The best freelancers — and lovers — understand this balance, too.

Give a creative too much freedom without structure, and ideas will bounce wildly about the room. Set some…