Life gives you cycles, embrace them

January 26 2018

The natural world has visible cycles. Earth lies fallow but with rain, new plants sprout to life. Leaves fall and spring comes again. Inhales and exhales.

This same life force runs through you.

We exhale in order to breathe.

Sometimes you feel alive and energetic and awake. Other times you feel tired, alone, and shy.

Why do we chase away darkness instead of learning to dance with it? Or sit with it? Or embrace…


Should I focus on making money or following my passion?

January 19 2018

I just spent one hour with students in Nepal discussing this very question. The students attended a Career Counseling workshop at Learning House, and they came with questions. And worries. And anxieties. And pressure, pressure from their parents and from society and their friends and, of course, from themselves.

I encouraged these students to focus on four buckets: People, skills, lifestyle, and rewards. This is…


Is it finished?

January 12 2018

It might never be.

You will always find another mistake. Another word to change. A function to edit, a feature to add. The work is knowing you’ve put in your best effort and have done your due diligence.

Ship courageously. Click publish. Release your art into the world.



Write a book in eighty minutes

January 05 2018

That’s what this group did.

A group of twenty young people, hand picked from many, many applications, were given the assignment to write an ebook together. Except they were only given one hour and twenty minutes to complete it and publish it online.

This wasn’t simply a writing exercise. This was a teaching moment, an experience in vulnerability, connection, community, and risk taking. A practice…