Tips for mindful giving

November 27 2017

The holiday season brings wonderful reminders that it is often better to give than to receive. Whether volunteering at a local organization, donating goods, or writing checks to support specific projects, giving feels good.

Maximize your resources while looking for ways to contribute meaningfully within your communities. Small organizations can be overwhelmed this time of year, so ask a few questions to find out how you can best be of…


You can say “No.”

November 21 2017

And when you do, you open up space in your life for more: More of what you want. More of what gets you closer to your goals. More of what serves you.

“No” is necessary.

Saying “No” forces to you to confront the parts of you that crave acceptance. The pieces that yearn to be liked and to please.

Your “No” might start an argument. You…


36 ways to cultivate gratitude

November 19 2017
  1. Write a letter.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Look at old photos.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Cook a special meal.
  6. Start a journal.
  7. Send flowers.
  8. Bake cookies.
  9. Take new photos.
  10. Compliment someone.
  11. Sit in nature.
  12. Praise a colleague.
  13. Call a relative.
  14. Hug warmly.
  15. Savor a cup of tea.
  16. Listen to soft music.
  17. Smile.
  18. Concentrate on your breathing.
  19. Acknowledge a stranger.
  20. Teach what you know.
  21. Block out time in your calendar.
  22. Surprise a…

Power down

November 10 2017

Do you power down your devices or put them to sleep? Are your machines and electronics constantly running or do you turn them off to conserve energy?

What about yourself?

When was the last time you gave yourself a day to “switch off” — a day disconnected from alerts and email dings and calendar reminders. A day powered down and turned inward to reflect and enjoy the people around you.

Schedule one…


Close but not too close

November 05 2017

Intimacy isn’t only found in relationships. The energy you put into work and into yourself also requires closeness, attention, warmth, and care.

How much effort are you putting forth? What are you holding back? Are you “all in” or hesitantly waiting to see how things pan out?

It is natural to build mechanisms to protect yourself from pain and disappointment and failure. But if the defenses you’ve built are stopping you…