When your world turns black

August 23 2017

Your project will fail. Your spouse will file for divorce. You’ll be looked over for the promotion. You’ll lose money on your startup. Your child will get arrested. People will talk badly about you. It will start raining as soon as you leave the office.

All of these things can happen.

Are you prepared?

Life can be hard. It can feel like a momentous effort to get out of bed….


Consume or create

August 18 2017

The internet has made it easy to sit back and watch and endlessly consume other people’s opinions, actions, projects, and work. It is now so easy to be a passive observer, to be someone who sits on the sidelines while others play in the game.

It is difficult to create. It takes time and dedication and focus. It takes courage to put something out in the world, something that might…



August 12 2017

A missed promotion. A late project. An injury. A disagreement with a loved one. A failed deal. A lost partnership. An audition with no call back.

When you hit a speed bump or obstacle, how do you deal? Do you focus on what cannot be and concentrate on what is out of your control? Or do you place emphasis on your response?

Obstacles test your mentality: is your mindset…


Rest days

August 02 2017

Athletes and bodybuilders know that taking rest days helps muscles recover. In fact, days of rest are seen as equally powerful as training days — necessary to increase strength and endurance. These “off days” are scheduled into physical training regimens.

Rest days aren’t just for the body; they are important for the mind. Days away from training and routine refresh the psyche and prevent burnout.

Whether or not you’re an…