The unusual gift of fear

July 30 2017

If you feel afraid, there’s a good chance something big is about to happen. You have a choice: run away or step towards it.

With fear resting on one side of the scale, desire to change sits on the other. Either you desperately want something different or a situation has become so unpleasant it leaves no other possible choice. If you let fear win, you may find yourself in…


24 ways to hit reset

July 22 2017

1. Take a walk around the block.
2. Sit in the park.
3. Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to finish.
4. Play a favorite song.
5. Google photos of your next vacation spot.
6. Find a new route home.
7. Order take out.
8. Have lunch at a nearby hotel.
9. Surprise a friend.
10. Buy flowers.
11. Color with markers.
12. Set an alarm for a twenty minute nap.
13. Chug water.
14. Schedule a massage.
15. Follow an More...

Stay in the mud

July 14 2017

We try to get out of uncomfortable moments fast — moments when we feel like frauds and failures and disappointments. But these moments are teachers, there to help you ask questions and sort through your most difficult, persisting views about yourself and the way the world works.

It’s tempting to race past boredom, to distract yourself from insecurities, to run from uncertainty.

Try to sit with those moments when you don’t…


Priorities and time management

July 10 2017

How you choose to spend your day reflects the priorities you’ve set. Where you direct your focus, who you spend your time with, what you do after work — these are decisions that show what is most important to you.

Parcel out the goals you’re hoping to accomplish and block work into manageable chunks. Sometimes you’ll need to turn off your wifi, or say no to lunch dates, or even…