The long or short game

June 30 2017

It is tempting to choose the fast, easy route. Everyone wants to win big, and they want to win quickly. But those who work steadily, slowly, piece by piece build solid foundations. When market fluctuations and economies are unpredictable, daily decisions add up to create something that matters in the long term.

Ignore those who fail to see the long game, those who try to push you into playing short….


Your pain will contribute to a better tomorrow

June 23 2017

When you’re thick in the middle of heartbreak or despair, it seems ludicrous to even remotely consider the possibility of a better tomorrow, or to think of happiness, or to acknowledge some divine plan. In dark, heavy hours, it can feel momentous to simply get through the day.

Yet these trying hours are the ones that will lead you to happiness. When you have nothing and when you question…


Make magic out of nothing

June 18 2017

People who look for surprises, who uncover the unique and the creative and the unexpected in the mundane — these are the people we are drawn to.

Routine only becomes routine if you let it.

See the world with alive eyes.

How can you bring magic into your day?


Ask yourself tough questions daily

June 09 2017

The questions you ask yourself dictate your experiences. Often the most uncomfortable questions are the ones you most need to answer, and the issues that cause some emotional reaction are the ones you need to consider. Shying away from tough subjects creates boundaries between you and life’s rich complexities.

Am I where I want to be? Am I who I want to be?
Are my closest relationships fulfilling and supportive?
When I…


When you’ve been hurt

June 03 2017

Your heart is broken. Maybe for the first time, maybe for the fifth. You have two choices now.

You can allow pain and anger to seep through your being and go about shielding yourself from any scenario that might cause these feelings again. This will undoubtedly result in limited encounters with the world, stifled relationships, and a blunted emotional experience.


You can look for the lessons. You can dive into…