Choose your new year

December 29 2016

Of course resolutions don’t need to happen only once a year, but the turn of a new year provides prime opportunity for reflection. Are you where you want to be? Are you who you want to be?

Do you want to become more generous? Click here for a 52-week challenge.

Do you want to become more thoughtful? Click here for a step-by-step guide to meditation.

Do you want to become more informed? More...

Feel lost? Do what excites you.

December 26 2016

“Find your bliss” has become the cliched guidance for those trying to find purpose in life. Bliss can be just as elusive as trying to identify your life mission. If you’re feeling lost or uncertain, try following your excitement.

Watch movies that quicken your heartbeat.
Read books you can’t put down.
Immerse yourself in company and environments that are stimulating.
Talk to people who are passionate about living.
Do work…


Do that thing you think you can’t

December 15 2016

A small voice whispered, “Don’t bother, it’s a waste of time, it will never happen.” I listened. But thankfully, just for a day. My mind kept swirling, dreaming, going back to the idea. After last summer at the Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence program, I have been fantasizing for more uninterrupted time to devote to my manuscript.

My fingers hovered over the application. Why should they pick you? What…


What if nobody knows?

December 10 2016

What if nobody knows you’re the one who dropped the ball?
What if nobody learns about the mistake you made?
What if nobody finds the great work that you’re doing?
What if nobody compliments you?
What if nobody knows you failed?
What if nobody clicks “like” or responds to your email or answers your call?
What if nobody sees the progress you’ve made?
What if nobody buys your product?
What if nobody recognizes your worth?

Would you…


What if dinner could change your life?

December 02 2016

The dinner table is one of the few places we have left to connect. To set down our phones and listen. To talk about topics that matter and work through problems that require attention, care, and focus to solve. To learn from another’s perspective and to consider a viewpoint that might be much different than our own. To share not only plates of food, but passions, desires, challenges and…