Those who can and those who cannot

October 27 2015

There is no way to tell who will win.

A participant list doesn’t mean everyone will start the race. Some will wake up feeling under the weather and decide to stay in bed. A few joggers may step up to the line the “day-of,” making the decision to run that morning or even that hour.

Bang, the race is off: A few runners bolt out of the starting gate and lose…


Get lost for awhile

October 22 2015

Leave your phone at home. Lose track of time. Forget your schedule.
Close your internet browser. Call a friend.
Find a new restaurant. Drive out of the city.
Or ride your bike to the nearest town.
Play something new on the radio.
Hold her hand.
Draw, color, paint, read, build, bake.
Climb to the tallest building/hill/rock/mountain you can see.
Kiss his skin.
Cry until you laugh.
Laugh until you cry.
Walk. Skip. Dance.
Savor each bite.


3 things I learned starting a social enterprise in Nepal

October 15 2015

Yesterday I had the honor of addressing attendees of Skövde Business Week. I presented my experiences founding the Learning House, a center devoted to education, leadership and community in Western Nepal. To hear my full talk, click this link.

I believe “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I don’t think scientific research is needed to show that more educated and competent citizens lead to more talented business recruits who in turn create better, more effective…


You have something precious.

October 08 2015

Several months ago I had the pleasure of speaking on the ChapterBe podcast. I talked about how I ended up in Nepal and lessons I’ve learned along the way. It was a great interview, punctuated with street dogs barking in the background.

The podcast highlights stories of people living across the globe who have made a commitment to live authentically, passionately, and with conviction. I was honored to be included.

We all have…