7 steps to creative inspiration (or, don’t live a boring life)

May 28 2015

1. Step outside of the familiar.
2. Feel uncomfortable (this is important).
3. Force self into new situation if need be.
4. Release any and all judgements, pretences.
5. Observe: watch movements and responses and reactions; notice your thoughts and behavior patterns; see outcomes as if you’re watching clouds pass in the sky.
6. Return to “old” but now seeing “new.”
7. Repeat often to bring fresh energy into your work, life, relationships.


Being human

May 19 2015

Recently I was rejected. I spent a lot of time crafting the perfect letter, re-writing and re-reading and editing the hell out of my argument to compose a convincing, logical, matter-of-fact and to the point submission. I sent in my proposal confidently. The rejection was prompt, and, of course, it stung.

I received a phone call several days later. “You have to explain why YOU want this,” the man instructed,…


10 essentials for the modern world

May 13 2015

1. You have to make time for your goals otherwise they won’t happen.

2. You have to recognize where you’ve come from in order to have the endurance to keep going.

3. You have to have the right team around you to get it all done.

4. You have to strive to do work that speak for itself. Let others do the talking for you.

5. You have to know in…


Today’s opportunity

May 07 2015

Everyone is busy and tired. Even with “nothing” to do, people still find reasons to worry. Stress is a worldwide experience, but our response differs. Consider an interview or an ESL speaking test; everyone is nervous, it’s how you’re able to manage your anxiety to perform.

We’re all hurting. Relationships disappoint, jobs are tiresome, families demand. Whether you’re in the top income bracket or the lowest, money is always an…