Why you should quit

October 29 2013

Before traveling to Nepal, I did some major quitting: I quit my job, quit a relationship, quit where I was living, and quit some hard held beliefs about the way life should be lived. At the time, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. The pieces were there, but the puzzle wasn’t coming together.

After taking time to revisit my go-to list of dreams (I suggest…


Be here now.

October 22 2013

Chances are high you’re doing your best to complete several different tasks as you read these words. Would would happen if, for today alone, you commit to performing each responsibility individually and mindfully?

Slowing our actions can bring forth surprising new perspectives on performance and efficiency. More is not always best.


Find some place quiet.

October 15 2013

And sit.

When you feel like moving, stay. Give yourself the gift of stillness.

Simply, listen.


Adventure 101

October 08 2013


  • fresh perspective
  • renewed creativity
  • understanding
  • compassion
  • discovery
  • learning and growth
  • to bond, to share, to discuss


  • excursions
  • novelty experiences (something different or new)
  • seeing the familiar in a new way
  • surprise


  • solo
  • with others


  • near (your backyard, your neighborhood, your home)
  • far (a foreign place, a vacation, a getaway)


  • spontaneous
  • planned
  • tomorrow
  • next weekend
  • today


Make up your mind to discover adventure. Begin to write down the dreams that come to mind. Wander through the travel section of your local bookstore and observe which titles you pick up.

You don’t have…


Get to know someone today

October 01 2013

Pick up the phone and ask someone to meet you for lunch. Invite someone you’d like to learn from, someone you could get to know a little better.

Choose four questions to bring along with you:

  • What advice would you have given yourself five years ago?
  • Favorite aspect of your work?
  • Most challenging part of your job?
  • You can pick one person to have coffee with. Who would it be?
  • Where do you go for…