11 ways to “pick yourself”

April 30 2013

Seth Godin encourages us to stop waiting for that call, the publisher, that big chance, the label. We’re at a place in history where opportunities to put ourselves into the game abound. We simply must choose to play.

But let’s get real. It isn’t always easy to find a straight line from Point A to Point B. The journey is often a winding one, filled with ups and…


Sometimes the best decision is the wrong one.

April 25 2013

We’re bombarded with decisions.decisions

Each day we’re faced with a record number of choices. From seemingly insignificant deliberations:

  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • calendar scheduling
  • whether to walk or bike
  • branded or generic
  • what gifts to buy

to potentially life altering dilemmas:

  • which job to accept
  • what school to attend
  • who to marry
  • stock investments
  • starting a business
  • having children

It’s no wonder folks shy away from concrete decisions. They’re afraid. The bitterness of…


10 questions to the best version of yourself

April 23 2013
  1. Are you surrounded by people who encourage you to step up your game?
  2. Does your work excite you?
  3. Do your daily priorities align with your grander visions and dreams?
  4. What do you gravitate towards during unscheduled time?
  5. Have you set subgoals that tee you up for greater success?
  6. Do you schedule time each day to recharge and create?
  7. Have you written your dream list?
  8. Do you actively step…

Two words

April 18 2013

Dream big.

Bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

Greater than you thought possible.

More daring than they taught you.

Risky beyond your comfort.

Away from the path that’s known.

With two words, change your life.

Dream big.


Find people better than you.

April 16 2013

He always makes the deal.

She finds conveted inside information.

He lands top meetings and befriends the opposition.

Her comments catalyze progress that proceeds company-wide change.

These folks are not your competition. Their work, their composure, their grace under fire, their successes are not your threats.

In fact, these people are your greatest allies.

People better than you offer a tremendous opportunity. They are resources to help you up your game:

  • Their excellence can challenge you…

12 reasons to delegate

April 11 2013

You want to do it all on your own. After all, your way is the best way. Explaining your process takes too much time, and it won’t be done exactly the right way. What’s the use?

Channeling responsibilities can lead to long-term payoffs. Delegate often so that you can:

  1. focus on the big picture
  2. trust
  3. create something sustainable, something that lasts after you’re gone
  4. realize that no one will do it quite like you…

The power of weakness

April 09 2013

In moments of confusion, doubt, insecurity and despair, we feel least like connecting. It becomes tempting to create distance, sit in the corner, and focus inward when feeling less than. We convince ourselves that failures and struggles are better left unspoken.

Yet these moments often proceed sparks of brilliance and unstoppable action.

Too often we rob ourselves of the full spectrum of human connection. An empathic word or kind touch can…


Daily choices

April 04 2013

The choices we make impact much more than our day:

  • conversations we have
  • magazines we read
  • apps we open
  • moments we check Facebook
  • meetings we participate in
  • time we set aside to create
  • phone calls we answer
  • emails we send
  • the moment we power off
  • the times we say no

Set priorities with care. They influence your destiny.


24 traits of an impresario

April 02 2013
  1. confidence
  2. hustle
  3. recklessness
  4. graciousness
  5. improvisation
  6. problem solving
  7. quick thinking
  8. empathic
  9. resilient
  10. connected
  11. creative
  12. communicator
  13. curious
  14. resourceful
  15. thorough
  16. grateful
  17. careful
  18. listener
  19. street smart
  20. curator
  21. analyzer
  22. determined
  23. fearless
  24. goal-oriented