What makes a good manager?

February 28 2013

Good managers:

  • pinpoint and recognize individual strengths
  • delegate effectively
  • demonstrate empathy
  • champion success
  • actively analyze and identify areas of self improvement
  • channel enthusiasm while gently nudging staff development and growth
  • share with discretion

Other managers:

  • assign roles without considering natural skills and talent
  • fail to provide benchmarks for employee growth
  • have unclear expectations
  • confuse communication with control
  • let emotions negatively impact the work environment
  • lack perspective

A free program

February 26 2013

If you’ve felt it, you know magic happens when the right people enter a space.

Sometimes it’s serendipity; most of the time there’s a driving force.

I want to encourage you to take part in what Seth Godin has dubbed the Connection Economy — to use your most meaningful relationships to inspire you to create art, contribute to your community, and nourish the connections in your own life.

Deepen the…


It’s easy to hide

February 21 2013

We’re exposed now more than ever before.

Our steps are easily trackable, our buying decisions traceable with the click of a mouse. We document our lives on film for our friends and the world to see. We post our professional accomplishments on open social networks. We look for validation and response from what we show the world, from names printed in magazines to recognition in the neighborhood coffee stop.

Yet we…



February 19 2013

One word separates problems from solutions.

It is possible to witness a situation and do nothing.

Or you can let it move you, think of a way to change it, make it better, and improve it from the way you found it.


Never ever

February 14 2013

You may never see the writing on the wall.
You may never feel one-hundred-percent.
You may never hear, “Yes, you are right.
You may never know if there was any other way.

Will this stop you from ever?


7 ways to up your game by meeting people

February 12 2013

1. Connect with other industries.

Spending time with professionals who excel in industries other than your own can help you discover new approaches in your own line of work. Step outside of your immediate field, identify transferrable skills, and work together on complementary initiatives.

2. Discuss things that aren’t familiar.

Learn new terms and expand your horizons by venturing from typical conversation starters. A learned tidbit may assist you in building rapport…


Scare yourself

February 07 2013

The moment at take off, when you’re unsure of what lies ahead.

That one decision that could branch into 15,000 possibilities.

That YES! that sets your life on an entirely new path.

The uncertainty that comes from doing something different.

The quickening of your heart as you step into the unknown.

Have you scared yourself lately?


Choose your category

February 05 2013

Some people live on the edge of what’s possible. They defy expectations and buck norms.

Some people follow what has come before. They do what they are told and stay in line.

Some people wander aimlessly. They dream about “what if” and believe success finds the lucky. They attribute greatness to others, failing to see it in themselves.

The difference lies in the acknowledgement of your worth, the realization of your strengths,…