Decision making, dream chasing

December 27 2012

A friend once posed this simple question. It’s since become etched in my mind:

“If you could do anything, anywhere, what would it be?”

Most of us don’t allow ourselves to answer this, much less answer in a brutally honest way. We’re too busy, too invested in our careers, too preoccupied with our families, too set in our ways to give ourselves the space and time to consider.

Would life change…


36 lessons from NYC

December 25 2012

In no particular order:

  1. You can walk as fast as you want, but you won’t get anywhere without considering those around you.
  2. On your worst days, something (or someone) will surprise you and show you kindness in ways you’d never expect.
  3. On your best days, something (or someone) will knock you down, humble you, and disappoint you in ways you’d never expect.
  4. There’s always someone better than you.
  5. There’s always someone with less than…

Excitement vs fear

December 20 2012

Racing heart, quickened pulse, shallow breathing, heightened awareness, tingling extremities.

What does that sound like to you?

It’s easy to group anxiety, fear, nervousness, and excitement together because we physically experience them in similar ways.  What distinguishes these sensations from each other is the lens through which we perceive them.

Fear often stops us in our tracks, preventing us from progression and development. It’s the tree falling directly onto our chosen path,…


Empathy 101

December 18 2012

Create one mandated course for high school students nationwide. What does it include?

At a recent dinner, this was one of the prompts for group discussion. Without hesitation, my mind sounded one clear word.


  • The ability to reference another’s perspective, considering their experiences and worldview, in order to better understand behavior and intention.
  • “Putting yourself in their shoes.”
  • The capacity to recognize another’s emotions and experiences, closing the gap between self and other.
  • Identifying…

your dream job is on your desk

December 13 2012

What if someone told you that you missed the boat? That the golden ticket to a beautiful home, a happy heart, and an adventurous life was in your back pocket?

What would happen if your phone rang and your boss declared you an asset to the company? If the grocery store clerk looked straight into your eyes and called you a visionary?

What if you found out that “perfect moment” you’ve been waiting…


audacious goals

December 11 2012

Yesterday I joined a call with several dynamic professionals. The topic? Audacious goals. It made me realize that it isn’t often we verbalize our innermost dreams. Which is unfortunate.

There is something powerful about setting intention, announcing with clarity and conviction what you want and where you are going.

It’s easy and passive to let life come to you. The risky way? Making it known — and going after it.

Set one audacious goal this…


The company and the cook

December 06 2012

There’s a lot you can control in this world. There’s a lot you can’t.

Focus on what you can, and the rest will take care of itself.

“The success of the dinner depends as much upon the company as the cook. Discordant elements – people invited alphabetically, or to pay off debts – are fatal.”

–Ward McAllister


A free ebook

December 04 2012

Something big is happening. A movement is bubbling, rising to the surface. And it’s about relationships.

People are recognizing the true value of connection. They are refusing to settle for superficial conversation and are looking for relationships that hold real meaning in their lives. More and more individuals are organizing, coming together, creating change. The capacity for what can happen when the right people find themselves united is infinite.

We each have the…