15 things that can happen when you meet the right person

January 10 2013
  1. You are encouraged to continue your plan.
  2. Your beliefs are questioned, challenged, possibly scrutinized.
  3. New solutions are brainstormed, and different outcomes to existing situations are imagined.
  4. A new approach is considered.
  5. You learn something about yourself and/or the world.
  6. You are prompted to change, grow, create, question.
  7. Unexpected commonalities are uncovered.
  8. Mutual beliefs are shared and exchanged.
  9. An authentic emotional exchange takes place.
  10. Meaningful conversation occurs, and a deep connection is experienced by both individuals.
  11. A deep respect develops.
  12. Your confidence is strengthened.
  13. You are inspired to explore a new path.
  14. Additional introductions manifest as a result of the meeting.
  15. The meeting leaves you with energy — with new ideas, zest for life, passion.