The path to purpose may not be straight

August 21 2015

Employees, employers, job seekers alike have recognized there is no direct route to The Role, The Position, The Job, The Title, The Mission. What was once seen as a liner progression has evolved into a winding, twisting path in which many skills are acquired along the way. Because of this, overlaps have found themselves folded between industries, and relationships blossom in places once before unrealized.

This is what makes Project Exponential successful: areas of commonality and unexpected crossover. The finance manager and singer-songwriter connect over adventure. The marketer and social worker trouble-shoot failing education systems. The artist and the therapist talk honestly about mistakes they’ve made and the value they found through them.

For over three years, dinners have resulted in friendships, mentorships, new ideas, inspiration, even romance. Why? Our dinner guests are open, eager, curious, generous, and they want to learn.

I could have never imagined my varied experiences would lead me to my life’s work — from social work to probation to university admissions; counselor, artist, marketer and writer; fundraiser, social worker and entrepreneur — but they did. My work has been punctuated by mentors, students, clients and teachers; relationships and friendships have blended with passion and pure guts to steer my course.

Please, please remain open to experiences and opportunity, but most importantly, be open to the people who cross your way.