The path in front of you

February 03 2018

It’s difficult to know what path to choose in terms of love, life, and work. Many of us are fortunate to be faced with choices (many choices): who to marry, where to live, what to do for an income.

Yet so many choices can be both paralyzing and confusing. Even depressing.

What if, instead of agonizing over the decision at hand, you found peace? That instead of drowning unease with more work or food or alcohol or worse, you settle into the life you’re living? What if, instead of looking into the future, you set aside time to be thankful and recognize where life has brought you?

Revel in that moment, that moment when several paths are before you. Cherish that day. That relationship. That job. Feel your feet on the ground, your seat in the chair, and place a hand over your heart. The path you’re seeking is the one you are on.