The lost art of looking back (plus a 5-year anniversary)

November 10 2019

Anniversaries are a wonderful time for reflection; unfortunately, most entrepreneurs (myself included) are often too focused on task lists, what still hasn’t been done, the goals that are yet to be achieved.

As the five year anniversary of Learning House grows near, I find myself combing through photos and memories. It’s emotional to think about all the people who have helped foster and shape this community from a seed of a dream. (If you’re interested about stats and numbers, I’ll be posting on our nonprofit’s page soon; impressive, like so many of the people we work alongside and serve).

The biggest visions come with challenges and frustrations and disappointments and even moments of despair. But there are flashes of promise and success, too.

Failing to set aside time to appreciate those moments can lead to burnout. It’s a refreshing gift to look back and see all that’s been done.

Yes, focus on your goals. Yes, take daily steps in the direction of progress and improvement. But please, make time for reflection.

Share gratitude with others.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be posting some memories and stories from the past five years on Facebook. I’d love to invite you to follow along and celebrate with us.