Using technology to enrich our greatest assets, our relationships

August 23 2012    Tags: , , ,

Our worlds have been taken over by likes, friends, retweets, follows. Critics stand watch, ready to advocate for the unplugging of our ever-increasing connectedness. Yet we’ve proven that intention and connection can go hand in hand (Consider TED, Social Media Week, and Creative Mornings — fine examples of technology and social media combining to deepen our relationships).

But it takes effort.

I’ve offered a few tips on how we can…


Are you just as intentional offline?

Social media platforms are ideal networking resources, places to find like-minded individuals and spark creative rainstorms. Brands and customers and clients and students and businesses can deepen experiences.

  1. Customers can voice the impact products have in their lives.
  2. Contests engage audiences.
  3. Features demonstrate the breadth and reach of services.
  4. Employee knowledge can be showcased.
  5. Range of expertise is amplified.
  6. Employee investment propels company value, as people care more and are held accountable for their words.
  7. Really…