Who helps you find what’s next?

Throughout my work, I’ve helped professionals connect in ways that matter. By carefully assessing the talents and skills of my clients, I consider how strangers might enter a room and leave as friends. I see value in introducing individuals to those who know how to get them closer to their goals. Maybe this person has “arrived” there already, or they know how to get there, or they know someone who…


The people in your life will make or break you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business or trying to finish your degree. The people you surround yourself with have the power to dramatically influence your life. Their habits, what they think about themselves, whether or not they view the world as a place of abundance or scarcity — all of these things will impact you.

When I first began as a social worker in the South Bronx, I noticed…


95% of the battle is showing up

Some days you won’t be great. You’ll feel less than your best, you’ll deliver a “B” performance, perhaps even a solid “C.” Your “C” may be someone else’s “A” — maybe not.

Maybe no one notices you’re not your best. Instead, they see you there, present, ready for the job, sitting in the chair, showing up for work.

Statistics begin to lean in your favor. The more ticks you make by…


Should you be doing that? 6 questions to ask

  1. Is this stealing my time?
  2. Is my attention being diverted from what I actually need to be doing?
  3. Is meaningful communication being traded for superficial connection?
  4. Am I distracted?
  5. Am I using this to procrastinate?
  6. Am I on ____ ?

Many activities we participate in happen automatically, impulsively, without much thought. Take stock of your day and observe areas that suck up your time. Tomorrow, make it your mission to…


29 thoughts from a 29-year-old

  1. Decide to get it done. Commit. Go.
  2. Goals will keep you on track.
  3. Fears take on tricky disguises. Call them out or enlist the help of someone who can.
  4. Helping others is one of the best things you can do with your time.
  5. You will learn more traveling than sitting in a classroom.
  6. Relationships are containers for growth.
  7. Be kind.
  8. Laugh more.
  9. It’s OK to make mistakes.
  10. It’s OK to admit you’re wrong.
  11. It’s OK to say no.
  12. Sometimes you…

Read this when you actually want to get it done.

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Writer’s block. It happens to the best of us. Procrastination, exhaustion, complaining, and straight up avoidance isn’t unique to you, either. When you’ve had enough wallowing and decide it’s time to actually get things done, here are 10 steps to lead you onto the path of production.

And yes, I followed my own advice to write this post (see image).

  1. Get off Facebook.photo
  2. Step away…

Daily choices

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The choices we make impact much more than our day:

  • conversations we have
  • magazines we read
  • apps we open
  • moments we check Facebook
  • meetings we participate in
  • time we set aside to create
  • phone calls we answer
  • emails we send
  • the moment we power off
  • the times we say no

Set priorities with care. They influence your destiny.


You belong in this room.

Don’t sell yourself short.

You aren’t to be ordered about. You are here as a professional.

Everyone else is as uncertain as you are. They may even be more afraid. Yet they’ve made the decision to not let any of this get in their way. They’ve made the choice to show up and be present, regardless of insecurity and fear.

You have a choice to make.

The first few times might be a…


Perseverance wins

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We’re faced with more choices than ever before. With relative ease, we buy new products, find new partners, reroute our goals. We’re impatient and easily swayed.

Yet success doesn’t often land in the hands of the most skilled. The winners are those who stick with it, push through, stay the course, fall down, and get back up — again and again and again.

Commit to something. Focus your vision and keep…


It’s easy to hide

We’re exposed now more than ever before.

Our steps are easily trackable, our buying decisions traceable with the click of a mouse. We document our lives on film for our friends and the world to see. We post our professional accomplishments on open social networks. We look for validation and response from what we show the world, from names printed in magazines to recognition in the neighborhood coffee stop.

Yet we…