Fear and two choices

Everyone has moments of panic.

If you don’t experience fear and anxiety from time to time, I’d wonder what kind of life you’re living. You’re probably not doing justice to your capabilities and talents or testing your limits. But this post isn’t about that.

I want you to pay attention to what you do AFTER those moments of panic and fear.

You have two choices:

1. Press on. 

Step on the gas and move…


Please take your (assigned) seat.

July 03 2012    Tags: , , ,

We can’t help it. Our titles are plastered onto our business cards, resumes, and online profiles. Our calling cards for connection are marred by our need to assimilate information quickly and efficiently. We’re grouped in terms of experience, what we can offer, where we’ve been, or even who we know.

But we don’t have to view this as a hard boundary.

C-level, mid-level, entry level, outsider — there’s something to be…


Read the fine print!

June 27 2012    Tags: , , , , ,

Or don’t.

Restraints, boundaries, rules, guidelines, regulations — how you navigate and manipulate them is what separates you from the person sitting next to you.

You can test limits, see them as a dead end sign, or ignore them.

Press on, beyond predefined trails, and you might find yourself heading into the land of creative bliss.