How many are in your fan club?

Do you need 100 fans or 1,000? Maybe you need a million.

First you must identify your purpose. Are you trying to create a product, a business, a community, a movement? Then, decide your method.

Thousands of conversions may not be necessary…. More...

Leading isn’t a grandiose gesture

The smallest actions can have the greatest impact. Lead by example may sound trite, but it’s true.

Trying to encourage others to follow a set path? The way you act and exist in the world either endears others to you or creates boundaries between who you say you are and the goals you hope… More...

4 ways to turn delegation into an art form

February 13 2017    Tags: , , ,

1. No one can do it like you

Before delegating assignments or tasks, accept the fact the work will not be exactly as you would have done it. This could end up in your favor (a new perspective, an interesting idea, a better method) or drive you crazy (inconsistencies, mistakes, imperfections). Only after you relinquish control will you be able to move forward with your projects.

2. Divvy mindfully

Spending time analyzing your workload and…


Yes, you can choose

November 06 2012    Tags: , , , ,

The people around you have a direct impact on your vision, your drive, your goals, your performance, and the way you dream. Their passion can inspire you to reach for more, or their apathy can dissuade you from continuing progress.

If you recognize the importance of carefully choosing friends, consider the responsibility when identifying leaders, company mastheads, presidents.