8 Do’s and Don’ts for Adventurous Living

“You’re so lucky! I want your life!”

If you’ve heard this, you probably know luck has very little to do with it.

If you haven’t, you, too, can live the life that gets people asking, “How do you do it?” by following these tips for living adventurously:

Don’t: Be afraid of looking like a fool.

The “foolish” moments are the stories you’ll share later on. You won’t always have the answers, and on…


Essential ingredients of great dinner parties

Seating matters.

I’ve attended dinner parties with incredibly talented, driven individuals. But for whatever reason, the energy isn’t right. People who should be brainstorming and dreaming together end up at opposite ends of the table. Conversation seems forced and inauthentic.

This frustrates me beyond words.

You want people to tell stories.

A dinner can be a long time to sit next to someone in which no connection is shared. Guests don’t need to stay in…


Decision making, dream chasing

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A friend once posed this simple question. It’s since become etched in my mind:

“If you could do anything, anywhere, what would it be?”

Most of us don’t allow ourselves to answer this, much less answer in a brutally honest way. We’re too busy, too invested in our careers, too preoccupied with our families, too set in our ways to give ourselves the space and time to consider.

Would life change…



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Minimize exposure to negative.

Maximize exposure to positive.


Predict your own trend.

We’re bombarded. With people, connections, business cards. Social media has connected us in ways we’ve never experienced before.

But is it more meaningful? Valuable?

Consider how it has changed your own relationships and experiences.

Now that so much of our lives are recorded and documented online, how necessary is it to cultivate experiences sans media and technology?

How do you cut through all of the noise to find what’s most valuable to you……


What are you collecting?

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Collectors usually get some sort of attention. Whether it’s stamps, debt, records, insects, comics, paintings, or coins — collectors have something to show, something to talk about.

What if you viewed yourself as a collector, adding more and more unique moments to your personal high-value collection?

You’re the owner. How will you build upon your existing collection? What kind of assets will you preserve and who will be privileged enough hear about…