Now is the time to think about the Connection Economy — and your role in it (a free workshop)

Seth Godin dubbed the phrase “Connection Economy” to encourage meaningful relationships that inspire art, community efforts, and the pursuit of worthwhile work.

Right now it’s easy to feel stuck. It’s more important than ever before to be kind and present and approach others with consideration and respect.

We live… More...

Celebrating all entrepreneurs and creatives

To those who refuse to give up, those who won’t turn their backs on dreams;

Those who wake at all hours of the night with a new idea, a new vision, a new challenge to solve;

Those who push past naysayers and doubters, who instead choose to listen to their own voice,… More...

Find some place quiet.

October 15 2013    Tags: , , , ,

And sit.

When you feel like moving, stay. Give yourself the gift of stillness.

Simply, listen.


Schedule vacation time, even if you can’t.

June 24 2012    Tags: , , ,

When you visit a foreign place, you are stripped of your template for daily living. Your routine is broken, and it’s up to you to make sense of it all. “Home” becomes a reference marker as you begin to assign meanings to new experiences.

Now that each day is fresh, you are free to discover new places and new things and new people. Amazing what you remember! Forgotten parts inside of…