27 reasons to put yourself on a sabbatical

June 25 2013
  1. Reevaluate your current goals and aspirations
  2. Consider what you wish you would have learned sooner (and teach yourself)
  3. Update your story so it accurately reflects who you are
  4. Take time to build and nourish your relationships
  5. Write thank you notes to those who have played important roles in your life
  6. Think about what risks you’ll take in the coming months
  7. Meet someone new
  8. Let serendipity work for you
  9. Read a book (or two) you keep meaning to
  10. Find new sources of inspiration — a different coffee shop, a nature trail, a hidden park bench, a museum exhibit, an antique store
  11. Set coffee dates without specific objectives
  12. Gift yourself time to do whatever you want, no pressure
  13. Contribute to the communities and tribes that are important to you
  14. Dedicate time to your health
  15. Cook from a new recipe with ingredients from your neighborhood farmers market
  16. You deserve it!
  17. Ask what you’re afraid of
  18. Savor a slower, more intentional pace
  19. Be alone with your thoughts and dreams
  20. Connect with nature
  21. Rediscover your favorite neighborhood
  22. Wander aimlessly
  23. Travel someplace you’ve never been (it could be the next town)
  24. Listen — really listen — to a favorite album, from start to finish
  25. Watch an old movie
  26. Enroll in a class (Skillshare, GA, etc.)
  27. Write. Write every day.