Disappointing relationships? It could be you.

January 29 2013

I often hear the following:

  • My relationships aren’t fulfilling.
  • I’m not meeting the right people.
  • I’m not as connected as I’d like to be.
  • My employees don’t respect me.
  • My team isn’t as close as when we first began.
  • I’m not introduced in the way that I’d like.
  • I can’t find people who share my interests.

It’s easy to place the blame on outside factors and fault something external, something beyond our control — a difficult situation, a partner’s deficit, the inability of a client to clearly communicate. The challenging route is an active one, requiring self-discipline and honest assessment. For example:

  • How do I represent myself across different areas of my life (to friends, acquaintances, strangers, colleagues, my family)?
  • Are the activities I participate in an accurate representation of my innermost dreams and ambitions?
  • Do I frequent similar kinds of situations expecting different results?
  • Am I investing time and intention to create meaningful relationships?
  • Do I carefully and thoughtfully communicate with others?

Self-analysis can be trying, confusing, and difficult to navigate; however, it is an essential step in identifying the roles we create in our lives.

How do you contribute to common perceptions of your character and personality? What behaviors do you repeat that fail to serve you in your most valued personal and professional relationships?

Most often, the gate towards fulfilling, meaningful connection begins with you.