“Fifteen amazing talents. One room.

Loved it.”

Carla Blumenthal, Social Entrepreneur

“Great wine, intelligent people, all so different but so inspiring!”
Curtis Williams, Athlete

“This is NOT your typical event. Project Exponential is an experience, and wind for your sails.”
Paul Farmiga,
Digital Strategist

“’Must attends’…if you can get the invite.” TEDxWallStreet

“Just spent an absolutely fantastic evening with Project Exponential.”
Tina Roth Eisenberg,


NY Times feature writer Laura Holson attends a dinner event.

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Under 30 CEO highlights Project Exponential’s curated dinner series.

Strangers from different industries connect and inspire.

“Intelligent, creative discussion bounded with just the right amount of guidance and inspiration.”

PR writer discusses Project Exponential’s confidentiality.

Reporter Aimee Heckel investigates meaningful connection in journalism.