Not all artists paint

February 25 2016

You’re an artist.

Maybe you don’t own paints and haven’t touched a paintbrush in years. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as creative, and you couldn’t draw a house to save your life. Pictionary is your most hated board game.

But every day you create. You build.

Or you destroy.

You have the choice to hone this superpower. Or you can continue to ignore it.

You can do work artfully or simply go through the motions. You can bring magic and intrigue to tonight’s dinner table, or you can set the plates down and eat as you always have, without special care or thought.

You can head to work knowing you bring with you a perspective that is entirely yours, uniquely mixed with your life experiences, and blended with your lessons and failures and successes. You have the ability to contribute something remarkable to your team.

Art doesn’t need to involve colors. It can be generous and risky with nothing to do with an art gallery.

You owe it to yourself remind yourself of a time you enjoyed art. When you enjoyed building trees out of popsicle sticks or creating rocket ships from marshmallows. When you listened to something beautiful. When you wrote a letter that made someone cry. When you sang with your friends and used a cardboard box as drums.

Trick yourself into believing you’re creative. Then see what kind of day you have — as an artist.