It’s easy to hide

February 21 2013

We’re exposed now more than ever before.

Our steps are easily trackable, our buying decisions traceable with the click of a mouse. We document our lives on film for our friends and the world to see. We post our professional accomplishments on open social networks. We look for validation and response from what we show the world, from names printed in magazines to recognition in the neighborhood coffee stop.

Yet we can hide like never before.

We have unlimited options to conceal our true identity, forsaking vulnerability and connection for a clean, manufactured image. With so many distractions for us to choose from, we can hide from ourselves, busying our focus from concentrating on things that matter and topics we know to be pertinent.

Our priorities become lost to routine and inefficiency.

It’s easier to distract ourselves than sit down and get to the real, gritty work.

It’s easy to check email and Facebook regularly.
It’s hard to focus on making big things happen.

It’s easy to sprinkle business cards around a room.
It’s hard to develop meaningful rapport.

It’s easy to leave a meeting without speaking up.
It’s difficult to put your ideas on the line.

It’s easy to attend a party not having learned anyone’s name.
It’s difficult to make intentional introductions.

It’s easy to speak on a panel.
It’s hard to create an experience that changes the way someone feels.

It’s easy to manufacture the same item over and over again.
It’s difficult to create a once-in-a-lifetime work of art.

Seth Godin recently reminded me of questions I can’t afford not to answer:

Is this making me uncomfortable, pushing me to grow? Or am I hiding?

Each day we have a series of choices that, when combined, contribute to the story we tell ourselves and the world.