Writing tips for non-writers

January 06 2016

If you’re trying to get something done (build a business, raise funds, get a job, find employees), writing is a helpful skill to have. But if you think writing is best left up to the pros, follow my three-step recipe for a writing process that’s both easy and effective.*

Step 1: What are you writing about?

Think about what you want to communicate and who you are trying to reach. What do…


Unique opportunity: private coaching

November 16 2015

In the past, I helped a few individuals polish their story, set doable goals and learn techniques to live a more colorful, energetic life. Then I went to Nepal and started a small learning center.

Space has –yes!– opened up in my schedule, and I’m able to take on one or two new coaching clients.

If you seem to have roadblocks you can’t get past or want to…



August 13 2015

Screw ups. Everyone makes them. They’re part of the creative process, embedded into music, wired into our brain. So why is it so difficult to let go of them?

Redefining “mistake” turns dirt into gold. When you trade in unrealistic expectations and begin to cherish the unexpected, you gain valuable opportunities and news ways of seeing the world around you.

Tweet me: How do you define mistakes?…


7 steps to find your purpose

August 04 2015

“How do I find my purpose?” I hear this one a lot.

It’s a big question, and in Western society, a lot of weight is placed on the answer. When I came across mine, I wasn’t looking. In fact, I had given up the pro/con lists and analysis charts, and I donated “What Color Is Your Parachute?” to the local bookstore. I very well understood what I did and…


7 steps to creative inspiration (or, don’t live a boring life)

May 28 2015

1. Step outside of the familiar.
2. Feel uncomfortable (this is important).
3. Force self into new situation if need be.
4. Release any and all judgements, pretences.
5. Observe: watch movements and responses and reactions; notice your thoughts and behavior patterns; see outcomes as if you’re watching clouds pass in the sky.
6. Return to “old” but now seeing “new.”
7. Repeat often to bring fresh energy into your work, life, relationships.


“Live a story.”

March 09 2015

I saw this written on a climber’s memorial along the trail to Mount Everest. It haunted me as I walked the ridges leading to Base Camp. Mostly, it got me thinking about the story I was telling. I wasn’t sure if the way I was living was leaving a legacy. I certainly wasn’t convinced I’d be missed.

What’s beautiful about stories is they are always changing. Like a river,…


Think less, act more

January 08 2015

There’s a fine line between analysis and paralysis.

It’s important to ask questions and consider facts. Too much dwelling and interpreting and hypothesizing and strategizing, however, can lead to stagnation. We can stop progress before we even begin.

Trust positive actions yield positive results. A certain element of heart must come into play, a powerful blend of intuition and courage that propels you forward.

I was scared beyond belief before…