How do you see risk?

August 21 2012

Everyone experiences risk. No one is immune to the anxiety that comes with it.

The difference between the daring and the successful is that they’ve learned to cope with it.

Questions to ask:

How can I minimize my anxieties surrounding this?

Can I make myself feel better about this decision?

The more you dive, the more you’ll enter the water in a way that doesn’t hurt, and the board won’t seem quite as high…



Predict your own trend.

August 16 2012

We’re bombarded. With people, connections, business cards. Social media has connected us in ways we’ve never experienced before.

But is it more meaningful? Valuable?

Consider how it has changed your own relationships and experiences.

Now that so much of our lives are recorded and documented online, how necessary is it to cultivate experiences sans media and technology?

How do you cut through all of the noise to find what’s most valuable to you……


What are you listening to?

August 07 2012

What record is playing in your head?

Have you written your own soundtrack? Or has someone compiled it for you?

The songs/tones/words you surround yourself with sets the tone for your life. If you’re not happy with what you’ve been hearing, make a new recording. Leave the prerecorded songs for someone else (unless they’re really THAT good).


Do you want to win?

August 02 2012

Every day I speak with individuals who tell me they want to succeed in a big way. While “success” can mean something different to each person, most people are looking to surpass the point they’ve arrived to date — a refreshed, higher, faster, better, cleaner, sharper, more focused state of being. Which seems pretty intuitive. People with ambition and drive want to move forward. Occupying the same space without…


What’s the dress code?

July 17 2012

A commonly asked question, no matter what kind of event. The answer is usually simple:

Dress how you’d want to represent yourself.

By asking, “What is everyone else going to wear? What is acceptable?” think of the position you’re placing yourself in. Are you wanting to see if you’re most comfortable shoes, the ones that have taken you across continents and through cities, would be appropriate? Did you want to sport…


What are you collecting?

June 19 2012

Collectors usually get some sort of attention. Whether it’s stamps, debt, records, insects, comics, paintings, or coins — collectors have something to show, something to talk about.

What if you viewed yourself as a collector, adding more and more unique moments to your personal high-value collection?

You’re the owner. How will you build upon your existing collection? What kind of assets will you preserve and who will be privileged enough hear about…


Write your own fairytale (or have a really grand adventure)

June 08 2012

Happily-ever-afters. Great escapes. Exotic adventures. Fairytales. You’ve read them, you’ve dreamed of them, you listen enviously as your friends tell them. “They can’t be real,” you skeptically reason.


This isn’t stuff reserved for children’s tales. It isn’t luck. You can live one, too.

But it won’t happen magically. You’ll have to do some work. Here are some tips to help you on your way:

1. Get honest. 

Find a place with no distractions. Create…


What brings people together?

April 13 2012

The x-factor, hormones, shared experiences, common struggles, learned skills, common hobbies, unique endeavors, a certain look…

Both online and off, what is that magnetic pull that creates curiosity from one person to another? What’s that secret sauce that drives some people to test limits, push boundaries, and draw their own road maps to living?

Think of personal trainers. There are trainers, the ones that tell you what to do and what exercise…