The focus of your narrative

May 11 2018

We all tell stories; about ourselves, about others, about our businesses, about our relationships, about our work. The focus of these stories reinforce our behavior and help create our future.

What are the stories you tell about the world around you? About your successes? About your failures?

Remember: We have the ability to direct our concentration and focus.

Outline the stories you want to tell. What narratives do you need to change?


The balance of hustle: How do you find flow?

May 05 2018

The line between engagement and productivity, a flow state in which decisions and actions are fluid and purposeful; balanced with the cost of too much: moments of exhaustion, lack of focus and clarity, the heaviness of feeling overwhelmed.

How do you create balance?

Harvard Business Review estimates 150 million workers across North America and Western Europe are favoring independence over traditional employment.

I want to hear from founders, entrepreneurs,…


Should I focus on making money or following my passion?

January 19 2018

I just spent one hour with students in Nepal discussing this very question. The students attended a Career Counseling workshop at Learning House, and they came with questions. And worries. And anxieties. And pressure, pressure from their parents and from society and their friends and, of course, from themselves.

I encouraged these students to focus on four buckets: People, skills, lifestyle, and rewards. This is…


Tips for mindful giving

November 27 2017

The holiday season brings wonderful reminders that it is often better to give than to receive. Whether volunteering at a local organization, donating goods, or writing checks to support specific projects, giving feels good.

Maximize your resources while looking for ways to contribute meaningfully within your communities. Small organizations can be overwhelmed this time of year, so ask a few questions to find out how you can best be of…


Two factors to measure success

September 24 2017

How do you measure your success, is is the numbers in your bank account, your title at the firm, the number of clients you land in a month? In this moment, do you consider yourself a failure? Or would you describe yourself as a success?

I have written about how we define and measure success and have asked monks and entrepreneurs and academics what they think. So…


Ask yourself tough questions daily

June 09 2017

The questions you ask yourself dictate your experiences. Often the most uncomfortable questions are the ones you most need to answer, and the issues that cause some emotional reaction are the ones you need to consider. Shying away from tough subjects creates boundaries between you and life’s rich complexities.

Am I where I want to be? Am I who I want to be?
Are my closest relationships fulfilling and supportive?
When I…


The danger of waiting for miracles

October 27 2016

What if the miracle never happens?

What if while you’re waiting, something better comes along but you miss it because you’re too focused on waiting for the first miracle to happen?

What if instead of waiting for the miracle, you took concrete steps towards making a dream come true?

What if the miracle isn’t what you need in the first place?

If you are counting on a miracle for your plan to work, chances are you…


13 conversation starters to get past small talk

March 24 2016

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you want to connect with a stranger and aren’t sure what to say. Asking about the weather and work only goes so far when you find yourself at a dinner table with distant friends-of-friends. Or maybe you’re at a wedding reception and have exhausted the usual pleasantries. Memorize a few of these questions for the next time you’re wanting to move past small…


Can questions foster closeness?

January 27 2016

I believe they do.

This is why all of Project Exponential’s signature dinners use questions to bring attendees together.

It’s scary to reveal parts of ourselves to others, but in order to nuture relationships and develop closeness in both personal and professional networks, we must establish rapport, build trust and pave the way for future communication.

The questions listed in a recent NY Times article parallel some of…


6 questions to help you find time for anything

November 10 2015

I often hear friends complaining about time. No one seems to have enough of it, much less extra to spare on a passion project.

If you find yourself in this category and long for more hours in the day, consider:

  1. How much time do you spend on Facebook?
  2. What do you do during the first hour of your day?
  3. Is there an electronic device in your bedroom?
  4. Do you often perform several tasks at once?
  5. Has…