What is marketing?

April 13 2021

When I changed industries — from social work to advertising — I was skeptical. Why would an international branding agency want to hire me, a M.S.W. (social work) graduate from Columbia?

They did, and here’s why:


They knew I could question: How to analyze behavior and communities, how… More...

The miracle question

April 07 2021

The miracle question is my favorite kind of question.

These question types can reveal what you really want — what you wish you could do if fear and risk weren’t in the equation.

If I cut you a check for one million dollars, what would… More...

Not everyone wants passion

March 30 2021
brown canoe in the body of water near mountain

They might say they want passion, that excitement and energy is magnetic and alluring. But they don’t really want it.

Stability is comfortable, and safety is reliable. Passion inserts question marks into shadows and corners. It’s the same with knowledge and education, opportunity and… More...

When you’re uncertain

March 24 2021
brown wooden arrow signed

You’re not sure which path to choose, which relationship to nourish, when to say yes, how to say no. You’re worried about picking the “best” option or the “right” road — or worried you’re missing the bigger picture altogether.

Do you think you might fail? Look how… More...

Choose to

March 07 2021

This Women’s Day, #choosetochallenge:

Challenge a woman to tell her story.
Challenge yourself to listen.
Challenge a friend to find confidence.
Challenge yourself to set a new goal.

This is how change happens — slowly, collectively.