Write your own fairytale (or have a really grand adventure)

June 08 2012

Happily-ever-afters. Great escapes. Exotic adventures. Fairytales. You’ve read them, you’ve dreamed of them, you listen enviously as your friends tell them. “They can’t be real,” you skeptically reason.


This isn’t stuff reserved for children’s tales. It isn’t luck. You can live one, too.

But it won’t happen magically. You’ll have to do some work. Here are some tips to help you on your way:

1. Get honest. 

Find a place with no distractions. Create…


You’re not going to please everyone.

June 07 2012

Focus on what you’re passionate about.

People will be able to sense this passion in your writing and your work.

No matter what the topic — Marilyn Manson, Plato, an empty trash bag used as rain gear — someone will be compelled to read or to buy.

Forget about the rest.


You’re like no other.

June 04 2012

Unique experiences make you you. Your resume may look similar to another applicant, but how you finished that degree, landed that job, scored that promotion, found new work is like no other.

You have to be able to show someone else the world through your eyes.

Show them why your world is special. (It is.)


Are you just as intentional offline?

May 31 2012

Social media platforms are ideal networking resources, places to find like-minded individuals and spark creative rainstorms. Brands and customers and clients and students and businesses can deepen experiences.

  1. Customers can voice the impact products have in their lives.
  2. Contests engage audiences.
  3. Features demonstrate the breadth and reach of services.
  4. Employee knowledge can be showcased.
  5. Range of expertise is amplified.
  6. Employee investment propels company value, as people care more and are held accountable for their words.
  7. Really…