The anti-resume

May 16 2013

I hope one day you realize you don’t need a resume.

The kind of people you want to work with don’t want to see your list of interests and accolades. They don’t care about your work history, what schools you’ve attended, what awards you’ve won.

They want to know what work you’ve put into the world, what you’ve left behind, where you’re going.

The best work stands for itself.

Your resume is the…


Do you have enough time — or are you afraid?

May 14 2013

I don’t have enough time is a complaint heard in corporate settings, co-working spaces, home offices, and everything in-between. Since you won’t be getting more hours in your day, make sure you’re making the most out of what you have.

1. Cut out nonessentials.

Track your activities throughout the day. Are you spending hours dawdling at the local coffee shop? Could you check Facebook less? Do you say “yes” when you…


Sometimes the best decision is the wrong one.

April 25 2013

We’re bombarded with decisions.decisions

Each day we’re faced with a record number of choices. From seemingly insignificant deliberations:

  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • calendar scheduling
  • whether to walk or bike
  • branded or generic
  • what gifts to buy

to potentially life altering dilemmas:

  • which job to accept
  • what school to attend
  • who to marry
  • stock investments
  • starting a business
  • having children

It’s no wonder folks shy away from concrete decisions. They’re afraid. The bitterness of…


12 reasons to delegate

April 11 2013

You want to do it all on your own. After all, your way is the best way. Explaining your process takes too much time, and it won’t be done exactly the right way. What’s the use?

Channeling responsibilities can lead to long-term payoffs. Delegate often so that you can:

  1. focus on the big picture
  2. trust
  3. create something sustainable, something that lasts after you’re gone
  4. realize that no one will do it quite like you…

Perseverance wins

March 19 2013

We’re faced with more choices than ever before. With relative ease, we buy new products, find new partners, reroute our goals. We’re impatient and easily swayed.

Yet success doesn’t often land in the hands of the most skilled. The winners are those who stick with it, push through, stay the course, fall down, and get back up — again and again and again.

Commit to something. Focus your vision and keep…


New and different

March 14 2013

Different experiences are necessary for growth. Without adventure, how can you see the world in a new way?

You’re not expected to like everything. The important thing is that you do, acquire more information, and grow.

Have you placed yourself in a new situation recently?


It’s easy to hide

February 21 2013

We’re exposed now more than ever before.

Our steps are easily trackable, our buying decisions traceable with the click of a mouse. We document our lives on film for our friends and the world to see. We post our professional accomplishments on open social networks. We look for validation and response from what we show the world, from names printed in magazines to recognition in the neighborhood coffee stop.

Yet we…



February 19 2013

One word separates problems from solutions.

It is possible to witness a situation and do nothing.

Or you can let it move you, think of a way to change it, make it better, and improve it from the way you found it.


Are you in love with your problem?

January 31 2013

A few months ago, I found myself in a room with Seth Godin and a small group of eager entrepreneurs. Seth posed the following question:

 “Are you so in love with your problem you’re unwilling to try an imperfect solution?”

This prompted me to wonder how many situations I’ve refused to relinquish control, choosing instead to hold out for that perfect, golden answer that would fix everything in…


Empathy 101

December 18 2012

Create one mandated course for high school students nationwide. What does it include?

At a recent dinner, this was one of the prompts for group discussion. Without hesitation, my mind sounded one clear word.


  • The ability to reference another’s perspective, considering their experiences and worldview, in order to better understand behavior and intention.
  • “Putting yourself in their shoes.”
  • The capacity to recognize another’s emotions and experiences, closing the gap between self and other.
  • Identifying…