What you want most

July 08 2014

That thing you wish you had…

But you don’t

Because you don’t have the time

Or the money


You can’t quit

Or the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

No one has given you permission,

Money is tight and there are bills to pay—


Fight for your passion. Reclaim it.

Fight as if your life depends on it. (It does.)


Everyone has a story.

June 04 2014

But not everyone shares.

Your story may help me, but you must have the bravery to tell it.

Your struggles might be the encouragement I need to move forward. Your hardships could be my teacher; your success the fuel my passion needs to be rekindled — or to begin.

Our stories are different. They hold lessons to be treasured, cherished, and (most importantly) shared.

Have courage. Tell your story.


Party ideas

May 20 2014

Form teams with your friends and choose a challenge:

  • Turn $50 into $100.
  • Brighten ten people’s day.
  • Make money from restaurant reservations.
  • Start a business in the community park.
  • Share your expertise with strangers.
  • Help kids run a lemonade stand.

Meet for dinner or share a bottle of wine to swap stories.

(I’d love to hear what you do… tweet or send me a note.)


selling yourself, itching, and bragging rights

May 05 2014

You don’t need to sell yourself; you just need to create an itch.

(Unless you are famous. If you’re like me, you’re not, so you’ll need to work to demonstrate credibility and get attention.)

Show me your passion, your professionalism, your successes. Make me believe you’re friendly and approachable and confident and dependable and honest and good.

I want to know you can give me what you say you can. I want to know I’ll…


Figure out what you want to learn and go do it.

April 29 2014

The most valuable things I’ve learned I’ve learned by doing. I didn’t read them out of a book or listen to some famous person who drastically changed my life (although some of these things surely helped).

I knew little about business jargon and brand platforms until I began consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

I learned about people’s psychology and motivation conducting clinical assessments.

I became a producer…


Fear and two choices

March 13 2014

Everyone has moments of panic.

If you don’t experience fear and anxiety from time to time, I’d wonder what kind of life you’re living. You’re probably not doing justice to your capabilities and talents or testing your limits. But this post isn’t about that.

I want you to pay attention to what you do AFTER those moments of panic and fear.

You have two choices:

1. Press on. 

Step on the gas and move…


A call could change your life

March 05 2014

I can guarantee it WILL change the life of others.

For the next 48 hours, I’m offering a special incentive. Those who donate a minimum of $100 to the Light Campaign will receive a free one hour phone session with yours truly.

Things we can talk about:

Inconvenience yourself.

February 20 2014

New Yorkers and scheduling is borderline ridiculous. I spend more time than I care to admit orchestrating calendars, slotting calls, finding common days for in-person meetings. While there are plenty of automated tools to streamline this process, I’ve found that each person’s needs and requests are very different, and the act of scheduling itself can reveal underlying issues. Each day I’m forced to reassess my priorities and make decisions…


#$*!% = QUIT

January 22 2014

Quitting has become a dirty word, associated with failure and weakness.

Anyone who has experienced any measure of success knows that quitting is par for the course. A few dinners have opened with folks talking about their failures. Really talented, accomplished individuals getting honest about places they screwed up, projects that were complete disasters, even relationships that weren’t right.

I’m not sure quitting and failing is something that needs to be hidden. Your story…


Want to hack your life? Write.

January 07 2014

Few entrepreneurs and business leaders have developed a consistent writing practice. This surprises me. You won’t easily find an artist without a pen and notebook filled with scribbles. In case you hadn’t noticed, art and entrepreneurship are tightly bound.

Write. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be coherent. Thoughts, observations, experiences, reactions, fleeting ideas, failures. Even five minutes each day can yield tremendous results.

You’re offering yourself a…