23 times to say “Yes”

December 10 2019
  1. will you forgive me
  2. can you help
  3. will you listen
  4. will you share your view
  5. will you try
  6. can you do me a favor
  7. will you show up
  8. can you do better
  9. can you learn this 
  10. will you speak your truth
  11. can you donate your time
  12. will… More...

Converting risk into opportunity

September 29 2019

Risk is often associated with negative consequence and bad bets. Yet sometimes risk can bring opportunity, growth, confidence, and responsibility. The right risk-taking behaviors build self esteem and self-efficacy, the belief in your own ability to perform and create change. Positive risk-taking encourages you to take control over your own life.

Examples of risk converted… More...

What do you want more than anything?

June 23 2018

Grit. Determination. Focus. Passion. Stubbornness. Courage. Diligence. Patience.

Your biggest dreams will require all of these and more. You will wonder whether your sacrifices are “worth it.” You will question your decisions and make mistakes. You will disappoint others. You will disappoint yourself. Your resolve will be tested, over and over again.

But if you really, truly want something? Nothing will stop you.



One week of consistency (a challenge)

February 15 2018

What are the habits that define you? What are the actions that you take every day, no matter what? What are your “non-negotiables,” aspects of your day that you refuse to compromise, day in and day out?

Now…what do you want to change?

In one week, I challenge you to bring more awareness to your daily routine and incorporate a new element that supports your health and wellbeing. (What exactly that…


Asking is an exercise in humility

July 15 2016

Asking for help isn’t easy. Asking for money, for guidance, for a ride, for a raise. When we ask for something, we’re admitting there’s a gap, something we don’t have.  “Hey, I don’t have this thing that I really need. Do you?” We lack resources or knowledge or ability, but the person on the receiving end of the question has it. This dynamic can make us feel vulnerable and weak.

Needing help doesn’t indicate flaws. In fact, asking for…


Not all artists paint

February 25 2016

You’re an artist.

Maybe you don’t own paints and haven’t touched a paintbrush in years. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as creative, and you couldn’t draw a house to save your life. Pictionary is your most hated board game.

But every day you create. You build.

Or you destroy.

You have the choice to hone this superpower. Or you can continue to ignore it.

You can do work artfully or simply go…


“You’re not married?”

February 18 2016

“Not married! You don’t want kids?” I often receive questions regarding my relationship status. My answer, it seems, disappoints/confuses many, as if some defect on my part has rendered me less valuable or ambitious.

A little under three years ago, I came to a developing country, alone, where I have volunteered as a social worker and teacher. I established an education center, built a solar…


12 questions to get past small talk and find out what really matters at networking events

November 03 2015

Gone are the days where weather, food and family are the only acceptable topics of discussion at networking events. People yearn for connection and crave something that makes them feel alive.

The people who attract strangers at a party lure with conversations of quality, not quantity. These individuals are passionate, focused and giving, and speaking to them can challenge and inspire you to become your best self.

(You, too, can…


Those who can and those who cannot

October 27 2015

There is no way to tell who will win.

A participant list doesn’t mean everyone will start the race. Some will wake up feeling under the weather and decide to stay in bed. A few joggers may step up to the line the “day-of,” making the decision to run that morning or even that hour.

Bang, the race is off: A few runners bolt out of the starting gate and lose…


Stop trying to find your passion; do something nice for someone instead.

September 24 2015

There’s a lot of pressure out there to “do meaningful work,” “find your bliss” and “unleash your passion.” We’re lucky to live in a time and place where we have the opportunity to make choices; choices about where we work, who we work for, what we do to make money, who we date, where we buy groceries, what we learn, which book to read.