Greatest hits

May 04 2019

442 posts published since 2012. Here are the top 12 most visited: 12 questions to turn small talk into real talk 5 rules of hustling What brings people together? A coffee riddle The quiet room 19 things you can do instead of grad school 10 questions to ask at a dinner party (instead of “What […]


Who is glamorous?

April 23 2019

Glamour isn’t limited to the rich or famous. And it certainly isn’t restricted to fashion, the latest gadgets, jet-setters, or a particular brand of car. In fact, glamour is essential to attracting what you want, both in business and in life. Infusing your life with glamour brings more serendipity, more passion, and a lot more […]


Behind the scenes

April 17 2019

Most people don’t see the hours of practice, the nights of silence, the thinking, the planning, the frustrations, the worrying, the sacrifice. They see only a snapshot: A product, a final cut, a performance, the last edit. True artists know that the work is rarely finished. It’s back to the drawing board. More nights at […]


Letting go: A skill

April 09 2019

Most people hold onto relationships or situations longer than necessary. Stability is appealing, and change is hard. Loyalty has the potential to be faulty, however, and should be reserved for situations that show promise and potential. Even reciprocity. We have limited energy to share. Learning to discard situations and environments with insight and discretion is […]


Add magic

April 06 2019

Instead of focusing on what is wrong or needs to change in your life, add something. Look for ways to fill your life with magic. Once a day, once a week, even once a month, incorporate something that inspires you: A song that brings you joy. A place with fond memories. Fifteen minutes sitting on […]


A different lens

March 28 2019

So much of life and the way in which we interpret day-to-day interactions is a matter of perspective. Sometimes the best choice we can make is to take a step back and consider our current situation from a different lens. How can you shift perspective? Awareness Set aside time each week to take stock and […]


Being “good enough”

March 25 2019

I asked how can you ever be sure that what you write is really any good at all and he said you can’t you can’t you can never be sure you die without knowing whether anything you wrote was any good if you have to be sure don’t write –W.S. Merwin


Who are you watching?

March 08 2019

Check your browser history. Which sites claim most of your time? What pages are you visiting regularly? Whose stories do you tap? And when do you stop scrolling? The people you watch, the photos you admire, the videos you pull up — they all say something about who you are and who you aspire to […]


3 ways to move past small talk

March 01 2019

Use these question cards at your next event. Listen to this podcast to connect more deeply with audiences. Make writing a habit. Observe, notice, reflect, record, dream. Creative people are curious. And curious people are the most skilled at starting and engaging in meaningful conversations.


What is your ROI?

February 24 2019

What if more time to create is more valuable than being busy? If fewer appointments means you’re killing it? If a handful of quality contacts is a better value add than a list of unknown names? If an increase in daily smiles means you’re on fire? If having fun at work isn’t an exception but your […]