Sweet and spicy

October 04 2018

The most talented chefs have memorized which flavors keep diners coming back for more. These particular dishes aren’t ones that fall into strict “Spicy,” “Sour,” or “Sweet” categories. Instead, they combine elements of several flavor profiles and artfully merge them into one. The best freelancers — and lovers — understand this balance, too. Give a […]


Strike while the iron is hot

September 23 2018

Success is complicated. Failure can be easier to unpack (and accept); a boot stomping out a potential future. Success, however, leads into a winding, mystifying unknown. This is scary to many people and for good reason. When things start to go right, how do you respond? Do you take credit or attribute some outside force […]


Time to rest

September 15 2018

With expectations from work and family, one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is deciding when to push and when to rest. Drawing lines and setting boundaries can be difficult with so many demands, yet rest can be an asset to your schedule and goals, providing the inspiration and stamina needed to finish tough projects and […]


When there isn’t a spark

September 09 2018

When your heart no longer flutters in your relationship, at work, or for a project, you have a decision: 1.) Walk away 2) Dig in If you choose Option 1, take time to consider what went well about the experience. What aspects were enjoyable? What attracted you in the first place? For Option 2, make […]


SEO fundamentals

August 28 2018

Most small business owners have heard of SEO and know this is the secret sauce that can push your content up the list of search engines. But many do not know exactly what it entails or how to put it into practice. Here are some SEO basics: Research You have to know not only what […]


Quality connections

August 25 2018

Gone are the days when you attend networking events with a stack of business cards, trying to pass out as many as you can. The most seasoned professionals know that quality, not quantity, matters when it comes to relationships and networking. If you’re trying to make an impression, ask thoughtful questions. Listen. And be curious. […]


Announcements (plus a free ebook)

August 17 2018

Have you heard? I’ve put together a free ebook on adventure and risk-taking. You can download it here. Also, September’s NYC dinner event is almost sold out. Get in touch if you’d like to be considered. This private event is limited to fifteen participants in order to encourage meaningful conversation and constructive networking. If not this […]


11 reasons to work for free

August 11 2018

“Why do you work for free?” I hear this question often, especially after having volunteered for five years in Nepal. Most creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs will face this very same question at some point in their careers. Should I work for free? Should I participate in this unpaid project? Should I volunteer my time? Working […]


The risk of vulnerability

July 30 2018

Vulnerability is associated with weakness and inferiority, yet exposing your true self requires strength and conviction. The future is uncertain, and there’s no telling how events will pan out. Find the courage to live your best life — truly, freely, authentically.


The stories you tell

July 24 2018

Every day you tell yourself stories; stories about what you are capable of, about who loves you, about the work you do, about the family you belong to, about the money you make, about the way you look in the mirror. These stories are fuel for your tomorrow. They are the kindle for your actions. […]