Your daily dose

January 11 2019

Choose wisely: water tea coffee sunshine yoga walks ocean mountains fields flowers cloud watching star gazing sunset savoring sunrise chasing writing journaling weightlifting running cycling multivitamins movie theaters bookstores libraries laughter family friends dogs cats horses lunch dates coffee dates phone calls handwritten letters Skype sessions farmers markets newspapers cooking cleaning gratitude Netflix wine chocolate […]


Be the observer

January 06 2019

What do you see? Opportunity or obstacle? Loneliness or space to create? Connection or obligation? Necessity or investment? Inconvenience or growth? Pain or lesson? Those who are against you or those who push you to do better? The difference between success and defeat is often a matter of perspective. Track your thoughts. Record the way […]


Where’s your focus?

December 27 2018

When setting big goals, most people tend to focus on the future: The changes they hope to see and the results they want to bring about. Yet those who find the most success know that while it is imperative to have a clear understanding of desired impact and outcome, it is equally important to reflect […]


The perfect gift

December 23 2018

Before worrying about what to give a friend or loved one, first consider your intention. Do you want to provide laughter or joy, comfort, or maybe a moment of calm? The art of gift-giving is less about the gift itself and more about your motivation. When your heart is in the right place, the perfect present […]


Be kind, online and off

December 16 2018

Pew Research Center found that 73% of adults have seen someone bullied online in some way; 40% reported such harassment themselves. In fact, 60% of those polled had watched someone use offensive, hurtful names to target another person. Over half of the participants in this study knew these online messages were sent and posted with the […]


How to create your future

December 08 2018

Last weekend my team and I organized the first free outdoor film festival in Pokhara, Nepal. From crowdfunding to logistical planning, we spent months outlining how the event would run. Through hard work, grit, and perseverance, we turned what was once a dream into reality: Over 400 attendees enjoyed films in three different locations throughout […]


Give thanks

November 21 2018

The ability to show and express gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another. Gratitude is a powerful tool, one that can shift perspectives and brighten a dreary worldview in an instant. A dear friend in Nepal once told me, “It is always possible to look up and see who is […]


Intentional spaces, event planning, and work that matters

November 16 2018

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Will Bachman on his podcast Umbrex. We talk about my dinners in New York, my work with Seth Godin, and what I’m doing now in Nepal. Listen here. Consider this your friendly reminder that it is never too late to start.


Be who you are without apology

November 06 2018

Be who you are Without apology   Sensitive observer Fierce warrior Over the top performer Quiet recluse Lover Fighter Advocate   Certain people will be drawn to you Others will be repelled   You will not make everyone happy You will hurt some Disappoint others Fail to meet expectations, your own and the world’s   […]


Want to leave a lasting impression? Do this.

November 01 2018

People want to be snapped out of their reverie. They want something different, something new. They want the unexpected to happen. And this is why most people’s faces are tucked into their devices, mindlessly scrolling. They are searching for meaning. They want to find something that makes them feel. Anything — A photo, a comment, […]