What are you listening to?

August 07 2012

What record is playing in your head? Have you written your own soundtrack? Or has someone compiled it for you? The songs/tones/words you surround yourself with sets the tone for your life. If you’re not happy with what you’ve been hearing, make a new recording. Leave the prerecorded songs for someone else (unless they’re really THAT good).


Do you want to win?

August 02 2012

Every day I speak with individuals who tell me they want to succeed in a big way. While “success” can mean something different to each person, most people are looking to surpass the point they’ve arrived to date — a refreshed, higher, faster, better, cleaner, sharper, more focused state of being. Which seems pretty intuitive. […]


A manual for daily adventure

July 31 2012

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Go to work, come home, throw together dinner, veg out on the couch. You’ll never live the life you secretly wish for if you become routine’s slave. You have to shake things up. When you enjoy your life, you’ll inspire people around you to test limits they’ve drawn […]


Invest in yourself.

July 26 2012

Success and anything worth doing comes with sacrifice. Money, time, pride, effort, energy, friends, family, hobbies, confidence, reputation — these are just some of the things that end up on the table when you go all in. How are you spending them? Where are you channeling your time and attention and means? Fear often pulls […]


When was the last time you did one thing?

July 24 2012

Read that again. When was the last time you did one thing? Not two, not six, not four. Checking email, eating breakfast. Halfheartedly listening to your partner while making a list of grocery items. Calling your mom while watching CNN and scanning your iPad for Facebook updates. We’re bombarded. We’re hungry for information and validation and surprise, […]


Show up.

July 19 2012

You have something unique to share. You have an interesting perspective that is valued. You have a secret, something that could make her work better. You have an experience that could shed light on his challenge. Someone has something for you. But you have to show up. Whether standing in line at the post office, […]


What’s the dress code?

July 17 2012

A commonly asked question, no matter what kind of event. The answer is usually simple: Dress how you’d want to represent yourself. By asking, “What is everyone else going to wear? What is acceptable?” think of the position you’re placing yourself in. Are you wanting to see if you’re most comfortable shoes, the ones that […]


We’re so careful.

July 12 2012

We carefully plan our days, scheduling meetings and appointments to maximize our energy and time. We plan our evenings, scheduling outings and time at home in an attempt to balance work and play. Yet what if this careful planning is actually getting in our way? What if we’re creating a series of insulated experiences and […]


First encounters

July 10 2012

When you meet someone, what’s the first question you ask? “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” “Who are you with?” “Why are you here?” Your question says just as much about you as their answer says about them.


Life’s a set up.

July 05 2012

We all know the crime scene where the good guy is framed by the bad guy. “It’s not fair,” we say. “He was framed!” We set ourselves up every day. Happiness, good friends, a rewarding career, an organized household — they’re the result of choices. The places we go and the people we surround ourselves with […]