Redefine work

October 11 2012

It’s no wonder we consider work very separate from play. It’s hounded into our heads since we’re able to talk. We watch Dad grimace as he races to work, and Mom moan about never having enough time (and she doesn’t look like she’s having fun). We’re given hours to learn, write, read, and make things. […]


bucking trends

October 09 2012

“Everyone’s done it this way” it isn’t a good enough reason. How can you insert a question mark into what’s come before? Is there something you’ve followed without thinking? Is there a procedure you could better? Can you turn good enough into best? Buck often.



October 04 2012

Instead of wasting time and energy wanting what someone else has… Why not create it for yourself?


Get lost or change

October 02 2012

When was the last time you scared yourself? Last week I found myself scrambling up rocks, free climbing what I thought was the summit of Longs Peak. After several hours of hiking, circumnavigating ice patches, carefully placing my feet, holding onto rock slabs, and searching for trail markers, I came to the edge of a very, […]


Don’t cheat yourself

September 27 2012

Throughout my work, I’ve looked for ways to help professionals find their edge. I enjoy creating opportunities for people to connect, and I like disrupting things. I carefully consider the talents, skills, and work of individuals to see how strangers might enter a room and leave as friends. I ask questions with the intent of changing […]


Someone is watching

September 25 2012

Somebody is always watching. You might not think it, but your actions are noticed. The things you do and the way you speak influence others. Others influence you just as easily. Who do you watch?


Who are you looking for?

September 20 2012

There are lots of people in this world, and most of us want to connect. We visit bars, churches, gyms, groups, conferences, events, concerts, and parties hoping to meet someone who might send our world into a tailspin and infuse our life with new meaning. We look for ways to deepen our existing relationships and […]



September 18 2012

Minimize exposure to negative. Maximize exposure to positive.


10 things entrepreneurs [should] know

September 13 2012

I’ve learned some tough lessons during my transition into the business world. I’m sharing a few of them here and believe they can be applied to more than entrepreneurial endeavors. I hope they are as valuable for you as they have been for me: You’re never finished. There’s always more to be done. Bigger plans, more […]


Jumping is scary. Do it anyway.

September 11 2012

I have a confession to make. As a young woman, I hitchhiked alone and traveled across many countries. I went head-to-head with lawyers and counseled delinquents. I earned a masters from an ivy-league, received a state license, and wrangled my way into an entirely new industry. I directed and designed and produced successful events, facilitating […]