It’s a set up.

November 15 2012

I say this phrase often, and most of the time people don’t know what I’m talking about. I think of life as a set up. Why? You can either set yourself up for success or failure. Think about it: from the people you’re with to the clothes you wear to the books you read to the […]


“So…what do you do?” or 20 things you can talk about when meeting someone new

November 13 2012

A challenge: The next time you’re at a party or social gathering, abolish “What do you do?” from your vernacular. You will most likely find out sooner or later what someone does. There are a gazillion things you can talk about without having to ask how an individual pays bills, and the probability that the “9-5” […]


It doesn’t have to be pretty

November 08 2012

Too often, we get caught up in the finished product before we even begin. We think about what it is going to look like, how it will be received, what people will say. We create an idea of “perfect” and scare ourselves away from starting. Along the way, we were taught to color inside of […]


Yes, you can choose

November 06 2012

The people around you have a direct impact on your vision, your drive, your goals, your performance, and the way you dream. Their passion can inspire you to reach for more, or their apathy can dissuade you from continuing progress. If you recognize the importance of carefully choosing friends, consider the responsibility when identifying leaders, company […]


What is your special?

November 01 2012

You have something to offer no one else has. Your choice is whether or not to share it with others. You have a unique twist, a special tint coloring your work and the way you see the world. Find people and environments that encourage this.


This second

October 30 2012

You’re not going to get it back. Think about that when considering the value of your time. I’m taking something precious from you as you read this. Now think about the people you’re choosing to spend your time with. Would anything change if you honored how much each second is really worth?


14 tips to make your next conference worthwhile

October 25 2012

Ask if you can help. Better yet, email in advance and offer your services. Do your homework. Learn about the speaker, the attendees, the presentation. Don’t sit next to someone you know. Ask a question — everyone will know who you are. Ask only one question. Don’t be THAT guy. They are business cards, not […]


A certain moment

October 23 2012

There’s a moment you realize you’ve been living a lie. In fact, you haven’t really been living at all, you’ve just been going through the motions. You’ve performed what’s expected of you, doing what it takes to make it to five o’clock. Suddenly, you realize that you possess the distinct power to create the life […]



October 18 2012

I’m often asked how I made the transition from social work to social curation. If I’m honest, I never dreamed of having my own business or running my own show. In fact, for a very long time, I was looking for the perfect job, desperately trying to figure out how to craft the perfect cover […]


Dream chasers

October 16 2012

Many years ago, a coach gave me an assignment that altered the course of my life. I’d like to share it with you, in hopes it might have a similar impact on the way you choose to live. Write down a list of 50 – 100 things you’d like to do before you die. My […]