First encounters

July 10 2012

When you meet someone, what’s the first question you ask? “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” “Who are you with?” “Why are you here?” Your question says just as much about you as their answer says about them.


Life’s a set up.

July 05 2012

We all know the crime scene where the good guy is framed by the bad guy. “It’s not fair,” we say. “He was framed!” We set ourselves up every day. Happiness, good friends, a rewarding career, an organized household — they’re the result of choices. The places we go and the people we surround ourselves with […]


Please take your (assigned) seat.

July 03 2012

We can’t help it. Our titles are plastered onto our business cards, resumes, and online profiles. Our calling cards for connection are marred by our need to assimilate information quickly and efficiently. We’re grouped in terms of experience, what we can offer, where we’ve been, or even who we know. But we don’t have to […]


Read the fine print!

June 27 2012

Or don’t. Restraints, boundaries, rules, guidelines, regulations — how you navigate and manipulate them is what separates you from the person sitting next to you. You can test limits, see them as a dead end sign, or ignore them. Press on, beyond predefined trails, and you might find yourself heading into the land of creative bliss.


Schedule vacation time, even if you can’t.

June 24 2012

When you visit a foreign place, you are stripped of your template for daily living. Your routine is broken, and it’s up to you to make sense of it all. “Home” becomes a reference marker as you begin to assign meanings to new experiences. Now that each day is fresh, you are free to discover […]


The quiet room

June 21 2012

I like watching beginnings of events. There’s expectation in the room, uncertainty, and a hint of nervousness as people arrive and take note of their new surroundings. For a moment, the room is quiet. The swell of anticipation gradually takes over, and the evening soon turns strangers into friends. Opportunity is kind of like a […]


What are you collecting?

June 19 2012

Collectors usually get some sort of attention. Whether it’s stamps, debt, records, insects, comics, paintings, or coins — collectors have something to show, something to talk about. What if you viewed yourself as a collector, adding more and more unique moments to your personal high-value collection? You’re the owner. How will you build upon your existing […]


Step away for awhile.

June 14 2012

Set something aside for a week and come back to it. It will look different, feel different, and you might use it differently when you return. Maybe you decide you can live without it.


Everyone has a story.

June 12 2012

You get to decide if you want to listen. (And what you can learn.)


Write your own fairytale (or have a really grand adventure)

June 08 2012

Happily-ever-afters. Great escapes. Exotic adventures. Fairytales. You’ve read them, you’ve dreamed of them, you listen enviously as your friends tell them. “They can’t be real,” you skeptically reason. STOP. This isn’t stuff reserved for children’s tales. It isn’t luck. You can live one, too. But it won’t happen magically. You’ll have to do some work. Here […]