audacious goals

December 11 2012

Yesterday I joined a call with several dynamic professionals. The topic? Audacious goals. It made me realize that it isn’t often we verbalize our innermost dreams. Which is unfortunate. There is something powerful about setting intention, announcing with clarity and conviction what you want and where you are going. It’s easy and passive to let life come […]


The company and the cook

December 06 2012

There’s a lot you can control in this world. There’s a lot you can’t. Focus on what you can, and the rest will take care of itself. “The success of the dinner depends as much upon the company as the cook. Discordant elements – people invited alphabetically, or to pay off debts – are fatal.” […]


A free ebook

December 04 2012

Something big is happening. A movement is bubbling, rising to the surface. And it’s about relationships. People are recognizing the true value of connection. They are refusing to settle for superficial conversation and are looking for relationships that hold real meaning in their lives. More and more individuals are organizing, coming together, creating change. The capacity for […]


an entrepreneur’s two sided coin

November 29 2012

Nothing — criminals, graduate school, Social Media Week, Seth Godin — prepared me for what it takes to be an entrepreneur. There are many warm, idealistic perceptions of the life of an entrepreneur. Being your own boss, running your own show, creating things that matter, following your bliss. Anyone who has groveled at a desk […]


9 reasons to network (the practice of meeting people)

November 27 2012

The term networking sends shivers up my spine. I cringe when I think of networking events where people pass out business cards like Halloween candy and anxiously look around the room to see who’s there. Conversations seem forced, and I end up answering the same routine questions throughout the evening. Network sounds anything but personal, […]



November 22 2012

Very few people are exactly where they want to be. Everyone’s searching, striving for something. More money, a better job, important responsibilities, a patient spouse, a new car, meaning, freedom, flexibility. Reasons differ, but the drive is the same. The quest for movement, for change, for different. Knowing this, allow yourself one day to be […]


Celebrate Tuesday

November 20 2012

Many folks believe they need a special occasion in order to organize a gathering. A birthday, a wedding, a holiday, a housewarming. What if you didn’t wait for a reason to bring people together? Tonight sounds like a perfectly great night to introduce some friends in your circle who may not know each other. Sound stressful? Focus […]


It’s a set up.

November 15 2012

I say this phrase often, and most of the time people don’t know what I’m talking about. I think of life as a set up. Why? You can either set yourself up for success or failure. Think about it: from the people you’re with to the clothes you wear to the books you read to the […]


“So…what do you do?” or 20 things you can talk about when meeting someone new

November 13 2012

A challenge: The next time you’re at a party or social gathering, abolish “What do you do?” from your vernacular. You will most likely find out sooner or later what someone does. There are a gazillion things you can talk about without having to ask how an individual pays bills, and the probability that the “9-5” […]


It doesn’t have to be pretty

November 08 2012

Too often, we get caught up in the finished product before we even begin. We think about what it is going to look like, how it will be received, what people will say. We create an idea of “perfect” and scare ourselves away from starting. Along the way, we were taught to color inside of […]