Universal worry: “Am I good enough?”

May 10 2012

“Do I belong in this group?”

“Does what I have to say matter?”

“Are my ideas valuable?”

These are questions that have plagued the most brave, the most confident, the most successful among us. At some point in time, most people have had these thoughts.

The difference lies in the answer.

Successful people know how to convince themselves “YES!”

And even if they don’t believe it, they pretend anyway.


We are quick to write people off.

April 15 2012

And why shouldn’t we?

Time is precious, our attention span is short, and we’re used to getting the information we need quickly. We skim recipes, comb through headlines, and bullet point information streams for what’s relevant. Menus, lists, choices, options, instructions, waivers, forms, classes, listings, fees—

It seems only natural we do the same with people.

We look to titles, degrees, labels, honors, boastings, pedigrees, and recommendations to help us learn if what…


What brings people together?

April 13 2012

The x-factor, hormones, shared experiences, common struggles, learned skills, common hobbies, unique endeavors, a certain look…

Both online and off, what is that magnetic pull that creates curiosity from one person to another? What’s that secret sauce that drives some people to test limits, push boundaries, and draw their own road maps to living?

Think of personal trainers. There are trainers, the ones that tell you what to do and what exercise…



March 20 2012

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