Essential ingredients of great dinner parties

January 22 2013

Seating matters. I’ve attended dinner parties with incredibly talented, driven individuals. But for whatever reason, the energy isn’t right. People who should be brainstorming and dreaming together end up at opposite ends of the table. Conversation seems forced and inauthentic. This frustrates me beyond words. You want people to tell stories. A dinner can be a […]


Are you in the right theater?

January 17 2013

This may sound hokey, but stay with me. If you were an outside observer watching the events of your life on a movie screen, would you enjoy what was playing? When we’re able to remove ourselves and consider our decisions objectively, we gain valuable information. Our emotions no longer dictate action. By stepping back, we […]


3 tips to make your meeting count

January 15 2013

Tip #1: If you’re looking to connect meaningfully, place the other before you. Most successful people are busy people. They’ve carved time out of their day to meet with you. Time is a resource neither party can redeem after you’ve parted ways. Be considerate. After every meeting, thank each and every person for their contribution and time. A follow up […]


15 things that can happen when you meet the right person

January 10 2013

You are encouraged to continue your plan. Your beliefs are questioned, challenged, possibly scrutinized. New solutions are brainstormed, and different outcomes to existing situations are imagined. A new approach is considered. You learn something about yourself and/or the world. You are prompted to change, grow, create, question. Unexpected commonalities are uncovered. Mutual beliefs are shared […]


Get what you want by working backwards

January 08 2013

Big Goals — the ones worth mentioning — typically fall into one of two categories: 1. You really, really want something. Big Goal: I want to … travel around the world, be the company’s top earner, find a fulfilling relationship, double my savings account, change careers. 2. You want to change your behavior. Big Goal: I am going […]


20 questions to ask as you enter a new year

January 03 2013

They work best if you’re honest: Am I holding onto any beliefs that aren’t serving me? What do I want to learn this year? Have I set any long-term goals? Are my daily decisions setting me up for success? Do my present priorities accurately reflect my innermost dreams and desires? Is my work fulfilling my […]


Last year’s learnings

January 01 2013

Unapologetically know your worth. Reinvent yourself often. No situation is worth your health or happiness. If your passion is dying, change something. Your heart doesn’t lie. Relationships take work, effort, and commitment. Both sides need to be equally invested for it to work. You can’t prepare for the unexpected. Just know it can happen. Don’t […]


Decision making, dream chasing

December 27 2012

A friend once posed this simple question. It’s since become etched in my mind: “If you could do anything, anywhere, what would it be?” Most of us don’t allow ourselves to answer this, much less answer in a brutally honest way. We’re too busy, too invested in our careers, too preoccupied with our families, too […]


36 lessons from NYC

December 25 2012

In no particular order: You can walk as fast as you want, but you won’t get anywhere without considering those around you. On your worst days, something (or someone) will surprise you and show you kindness in ways you’d never expect. On your best days, something (or someone) will knock you down, humble you, and […]


Excitement vs fear

December 20 2012

Racing heart, quickened pulse, shallow breathing, heightened awareness, tingling extremities. What does that sound like to you? It’s easy to group anxiety, fear, nervousness, and excitement together because we physically experience them in similar ways.  What distinguishes these sensations from each other is the lens through which we perceive them. Fear often stops us in […]