Is quitting an option?

June 11 2013

Quitting might be the best thing you can do. Quitting is a largely underrated skill. By removing yourself from situations that are detrimental to your growth, you place yourself on the fast track towards opportunity and success. Read more on why quitting might be good for you in this NY Times article. A few things […]


It might not work.

June 06 2013

The moment before you ship. There’s a second of hesitation. You question whether you’re going to look like a fool, if your idea is stupid, if you’re wasting your time. I had one of those this week. Actually, I was petrified. I was trying something new, and I was scared it wasn’t going to work. […]


When “some” is better than “done”

June 04 2013

It’s tempting to delay beginnings. Starting a project carries a certain amount of anxiety and trepidation. Eventually this emotional upheaval is conquered, and a new relationship forms — a protective, cautious, calculating awareness of your dream. Your time, energy, passion, love, and sacrifice have been invested into this work, and your pride is as stake. […]


Twitter chat 6/4, 4pm EST #cxchat

June 02 2013

Mark your calendar. I’m hosting a twitter chat Tuesday, June 4 at 4pm EST. If you’ve never participated in a twitter chat before, check out this handy resource. Twitter chats are great for creating new relationships, asking questions and polling groups. #cxchat will focus on all things connections. I’ll post a few topics to get […]


Do you have what you want?

May 30 2013

True or false: Fairy tales are real. Adventure isn’t just for vacation. Your work can be meaningful. You have the ability to create more stability and security than with any employer. Throughout my work with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and 1:1 clients, I’ve pinpointed three key areas that prevent belief in the above: […]


The most valuable unit

May 28 2013

When finalizing a product, shipping art, or editing work, it’s easy to get lost in details. Scraping through drafts and searching for the finish, time passes without recognition. We forgo ourselves and others in order to see completion. Athletes call it The Zone. A moment when you and performance mix with sacrifice and joy and […]


The best opportunities

May 23 2013

Most really talented people are never discovered. Most will never make it onto the Best Sellers list, won’t speak at TED, won’t be contacted by NPR. Chances are you may never find yourself on the big screen. That manuscript? It might end up in more trash cans than hands. And your promising business venture? You’ll […]


Are you afraid to fail (and talk about it)?

May 21 2013

At a recent curated dinner, I asked leaders from a variety of industries to discuss a topic that doesn’t often enter first conversations: failure. The most successful among us have failed, yet it is a subject riddled with anxiety and fear. We are afraid to be called out as a fraud, so we avoid talking […]


The anti-resume

May 16 2013

I hope one day you realize you don’t need a resume. The kind of people you want to work with don’t want to see your list of interests and accolades. They don’t care about your work history, what schools you’ve attended, what awards you’ve won. They want to know what work you’ve put into the […]


Do you have enough time — or are you afraid?

May 14 2013

I don’t have enough time is a complaint heard in corporate settings, co-working spaces, home offices, and everything in-between. Since you won’t be getting more hours in your day, make sure you’re making the most out of what you have. 1. Cut out nonessentials. Track your activities throughout the day. Are you spending hours dawdling […]