12 reasons to delegate

April 11 2013

You want to do it all on your own. After all, your way is the best way. Explaining your process takes too much time, and it won’t be done exactly the right way. What’s the use? Channeling responsibilities can lead to long-term payoffs. Delegate often so that you can: focus on the big picture trust […]


The power of weakness

April 09 2013

In moments of confusion, doubt, insecurity and despair, we feel least like connecting. It becomes tempting to create distance, sit in the corner, and focus inward when feeling less than. We convince ourselves that failures and struggles are better left unspoken. Yet these moments often proceed sparks of brilliance and unstoppable action. Too often we […]


Daily choices

April 04 2013

The choices we make impact much more than our day: conversations we have magazines we read apps we open moments we check Facebook meetings we participate in time we set aside to create phone calls we answer emails we send the moment we power off the times we say no Set priorities with care. They […]


24 traits of an impresario

April 02 2013

confidence hustle recklessness graciousness improvisation problem solving quick thinking empathic resilient connected creative communicator curious resourceful thorough grateful careful listener street smart curator analyzer determined fearless goal-oriented


You belong in this room.

March 28 2013

Don’t sell yourself short. You aren’t to be ordered about. You are here as a professional. Everyone else is as uncertain as you are. They may even be more afraid. Yet they’ve made the decision to not let any of this get in their way. They’ve made the choice to show up and be present, […]


The magic of introductions

March 26 2013

If you’ve been the recipient of a polished introduction, you’ve probably failed to recognize its subtle magic. An introduction is a moment of alchemy; part ceremonious, part craft, part prologue. It’s quick, seemingly effortless, and gracefully leads you into an engaging discussion. In the blink of an eye, you’re feeling confident, interesting, interested, and at […]


6 ways to turn small talk into real talk

March 21 2013

Ask. Bring thoughtful, open-ended questions to the table. Your prompts can help shape the conversation at hand. If your delivery is honest and curious, you’ll be met with an equally forthright response. Be patient. It’s common to feel nervous, get antsy, want to head for the door or look for a new group. The juice […]


Perseverance wins

March 19 2013

We’re faced with more choices than ever before. With relative ease, we buy new products, find new partners, reroute our goals. We’re impatient and easily swayed. Yet success doesn’t often land in the hands of the most skilled. The winners are those who stick with it, push through, stay the course, fall down, and get […]


New and different

March 14 2013

Different experiences are necessary for growth. Without adventure, how can you see the world in a new way? You’re not expected to like everything. The important thing is that you do, acquire more information, and grow. Have you placed yourself in a new situation recently?


Lead by example

March 12 2013

Whether a small business or large corporation, the head must act in a forthright, admirable way for the chain of command to follow suit. Same applies to smaller groups of people: the leader sets the tone for what is acceptable and what is not, setting the pace for others to follow. By pushing yourself to be […]