Power pack: 5 questions

September 23 2014

I use questions to help my clients uncover their best selves, whether it is work or personal goals they are after. I’m sharing five here in hopes they spark your own journey: How are you different, what can you do that no one else can? What do people ask from you? (clients, family, friends, organizations, managers) […]


If… (power, money and mind)

September 15 2014

If you think you have power, you do. If you think you’re rich, you will be. If your plans depend upon a particular circumstance, they may never happen. If you’re waiting for someone else to act first, you could wait forever. Take nothing for granted.


Which weakness is your greatest asset?

September 08 2014

This question was posed at a dinner, an exercise in framing. Our mind is brilliant at creating new definitions, but they’re not always to our advantage — especially when it comes to self. Thoughts can easily turn negative, centering on weakness and deficient. Doubt can color even the most promising of opportunities. Over any length […]


The rebellion of questions

September 02 2014

As a school girl, I found myself in detention for asking questions. I was threatened to be kicked out of academic programs for challenging authority. You were permitted one question after your name was called, and superiors always had the last word. Too many questions meant insolence, disrespect and delinquency. The problem is the greatest inventions arise […]


Unlearning problematic beliefs

August 25 2014

Certain beliefs have been hardwired into our minds. From a very early age, our behavior has been molded by rewards and experiences. Thought patterns have formed impressive grooves onto our brains, so much in fact, that twenty, thirty, even forty years later, these patterns persist — some without us knowing, some incredibly damaging to our progress as human […]


Help someone find their way.

August 19 2014

There are people in your world who need to meet. Send an email introduction today between two people you greatly admire, people who can benefit from knowing each other and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your introduction can spin one person’s life into an entirely new direction. Fellow impresario, make it happen.


Surefire ways to get attention

August 12 2014

I spent a good chunk of my early career worrying about finding the right kinds of business, attracting smart clients, generating the best PR. I’d worry if my work was good enough, if my talents and skills were evident, if my angle was unique. Through trial and error, I realized there are two surefire ways to catch the attention of an […]


“You’re too fast.”

August 04 2014

The monks have pointed out I talk fast, walk fast, act fast, eat fast, think fast. This is in stark contrast to everything they do. American culture and competitive spirit has turned me into a shark. I’m afraid that if I stop, I might die. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. Every entrepreneur can wake […]


When you find your passion, people will hate you.

July 31 2014

“I think your [sic] passionate about your work and I know it turns people like me off.” The message pinged in my Facebook inbox as I was going to sleep. Maybe because I was in a particularly fragile state — two days in bed with high fever, my arms and legs raging with sunburn, pimples […]


Acceptance and a face tattoo

July 28 2014

Last night I had a dream I got a tattoo. It was a big black tribal symbol winding down the side of my face and neck. Sometimes my hair would hide it, but no amount of accessories or clothing could conceal its dark lines. I spent most of the dream trying to come to terms with it and accept […]