Do you know your value?

July 25 2013

Your value is much more than a dollar amount. It’s your time, your emotional investment, your energy, your connections. It’s your life.

Your worth is not just about confidence. It’s your dreams, where you’re going, what you want. It’s knowing what you need to get there and asking for it, unapologetically and with conviction.

By recognizing your worth, you’re helping colleagues and partners understand your art and the value of the…


Listen wisely.

July 23 2013

There are times you’ll feel like giving up.

Something else will come along, tempt you, appeal to your vulnerability, try to lure you back to the world you wanted to leave in the first place.

And then…

  • long hours
  • sleepless nights
  • infrequent, unreliable pay
  • instability, uncertainty
  • temporary narrowed vision, neglect of self and others
  • an obsessive desire to work (all of the time!)
  • scrapping, hustling, clinging, clawing
  • frustration
  • failing
  • loneliness
  • despair

What is louder: momentary discomfort or the dreams you have for yourself?



Read this when you actually want to get it done.

July 18 2013

Writer’s block. It happens to the best of us. Procrastination, exhaustion, complaining, and straight up avoidance isn’t unique to you, either. When you’ve had enough wallowing and decide it’s time to actually get things done, here are 10 steps to lead you onto the path of production.

And yes, I followed my own advice to write this post (see image).

  1. Get off
  2. Step away…

3 simple ways to bring serendipity into your life

July 16 2013

Some of the best connections happen when you least expect it. Call it luck, fate or serendipity, there’s something magical about meeting the right person at the right time. The secret lies in getting out of your comfort zone and letting serendipity lead the way. 3 tips to get you started:

1. Force yourself to be social.

The moments you don’t feel like meeting new people… I swear, if you can get…


19 things you can do instead of grad school

July 11 2013

I’ve witnessed firsthand the business our education system has become.

I strongly advise anyone considering graduate school to carefully consider whether this investment is necessary in order to obtain the position and professional satisfaction they are looking for.

Many of the skills needed to thrive in our economy are not obtained in classrooms. You may want to consider these learning experiences before you sign your letter of intent:

  1. Volunteer. Help your local…

In 5 years…

July 09 2013

I see this again and again with my clients. I’ve even done it myself.

We have so many choices, so many options, it’s difficult to settle on long-term decisions and commit. Paralyzed with indecision and uncertainty, we get in our own way and waver from one idea to the next. A helpful exercise:

Envision the person you’d like to become.

Think about your work life.

Your home.

Where you’d like to live.

Who you’re spending…


Tipping the scale

July 04 2013

The first is always the scariest, most anxiety provoking, most intimidating. Getting beyond that initial hump becomes a matter of mettle and courage as you muster the courage you need to leap over fear.

Can you build a framework that sets you up so that if you don’t do x-y-z, you can recognize that fear has won? Fix your gaze, define your goal, and work…


67 things to feel absolutely OK about

July 02 2013
  1. admitting you’re wrong
  2. changing your mind
  3. carefully making decisions
  4. stillness
  5. failing
  6. taking big risks
  7. doing things for free
  8. doing what you’re good at
  9. doing nothing
  10. charging what you’re worth
  11. quitting
  12. losing
  13. aiming high
  14. falling flat
  15. guessing
  16. your emotions
  17. anxiety
  18. nervousness
  19. reading and rereading and reading two or three more times your working draft
  20. standing in line
  21. speaking up for yourself
  22. disagreeing with leaders
  23. backing down
  24. making your own rules
  25. recognizing your priorities
  26. saying no
  27. saying yes
  28. revisiting your goals
  29. rewording your story
  30. waiting for the right moment
  31. sending an email with a spelling mistake
  32. rehearsing your conversation
  33. practicing your pitch again…

Get out of a career that isn’t working for you

June 27 2013

Several years ago, I made the transition from social worker to social curator. My time spent working in courtrooms and jail cells paved the way for boardroom negotiations and architecting group dynamics. When I tell people my story, questions ultimately focus on how I made this transition. Part curiosity, part plea for guidance, people want to know how it’s done, the best way to make the change,…


27 reasons to put yourself on a sabbatical

June 25 2013
  1. Reevaluate your current goals and aspirations
  2. Consider what you wish you would have learned sooner (and teach yourself)
  3. Update your story so it accurately reflects who you are
  4. Take time to build and nourish your relationships
  5. Write thank you notes to those who have played important roles in your life
  6. Think about what risks you’ll take in the coming months
  7. Meet someone new
  8. Let serendipity work for you
  9. Read a book (or two) you keep meaning to
  10. Find…