When you find your passion, people will hate you.

July 31 2014

“I think your [sic] passionate about your work and I know it turns people like me off.” The message pinged in my Facebook inbox as I was going to sleep. Maybe because I was in a particularly fragile state — two days in bed with high fever, my arms and legs raging with sunburn, pimples […]


Acceptance and a face tattoo

July 28 2014

Last night I had a dream I got a tattoo. It was a big black tribal symbol winding down the side of my face and neck. Sometimes my hair would hide it, but no amount of accessories or clothing could conceal its dark lines. I spent most of the dream trying to come to terms with it and accept […]


The psychology of wanting what you can’t have

July 21 2014

There’s something out of reach, and your mind is focused on it like a laser. A job, a relationship, a sum of money, a status. Whatever it is, it is unavailable, and you know it. But that doesn’t stop you from dreaming about it. Your brain has tricked you into thinking this is where the rewards are. A […]


5 questions to measure success

July 14 2014

I’ve been thinking about the American Dream and how we’ve come to define wealth and achievement. I’m turning 30 soon, a benchmark to pause and reflect on life’s work and progress. Yet the ways in which I was taught to measure “success” don’t seem to apply to me. I don’t own a house or a car. […]


What you want most

July 08 2014

That thing you wish you had… But you don’t Because you don’t have the time Or the money Because You can’t quit Or the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. No one has given you permission, Money is tight and there are bills to pay— STOP! Fight for your passion. Reclaim it. Fight as if your life […]



June 30 2014

It’s easy to focus on big issues. They’re the blaring, obvious ones, and they make for easy complaints. Small actions can be more difficult to identify and require more brain power and attention. More industries are understanding the value of these details and the importance they have in long term change. We’re seeing this trend […]


Lessons on working for free

June 23 2014

For almost one year, I’ve volunteered my time serving a group of people I’ve grown to care for immensely. While I’ve sacrificed a lot, I’ve been granted much more in return. Some key takeaways: 1. Let excitement be your guide. Excitement is an internal barometer letting you know you’re on track. If you’re not excited […]


The numbers in your bank account mean little.

June 17 2014

If you hate your job, you cannot afford to stay one more day. Over half of college graduates accept jobs that aren’t in their preferred industries (Bureau of Labor Statistics). People are bored, tired, and return home cranky and angry. Distraction comes in the form of stimuli — alcohol, drugs, buying things, selling things, gambling, […]


5 rules of hustling

June 09 2014

Alongside the long hours and sleepless nights and moments of thrashing, I can pinpoint five realizations that have defined my journey as an entrepreneur and businessperson. Whether you’re just beginning or well on your way, I’m sharing these “rules” in hopes they’ll encourage you and meet you wherever you’re at. Note: these statements apply to spaces […]


Everyone has a story.

June 04 2014

But not everyone shares. Your story may help me, but you must have the bravery to tell it. Your struggles might be the encouragement I need to move forward. Your hardships could be my teacher; your success the fuel my passion needs to be rekindled — or to begin. Our stories are different. They hold […]