Who helps you find what’s next?

May 29 2014

Throughout my work, I’ve helped professionals connect in ways that matter. By carefully assessing the talents and skills of my clients, I consider how strangers might enter a room and leave as friends. I see value in introducing individuals to those who know how to get them closer to their goals. Maybe this person has “arrived” […]


Travel isn’t just about a place.

May 26 2014

It is about the people you meet and the stories they tell. You don’t have to get on a plane to hear stories. You just need to be willing to listen.


Party ideas

May 20 2014

Form teams with your friends and choose a challenge: Turn $50 into $100. Brighten ten people’s day. Make money from restaurant reservations. Start a business in the community park. Share your expertise with strangers. Help kids run a lemonade stand. Meet for dinner or share a bottle of wine to swap stories. (I’d love to […]


5 steps to new job opportunities

May 13 2014

Looking for a job? You’ve made your first mistake. As cliché as it sounds, you won’t find it if you’re looking for it. Instead, make moves to create the position of your dreams (a place you feel valued and valuable, projects you’re interested in, opportunities that benefit from your talents, people you admire). 1. Skip small talk and […]


selling yourself, itching, and bragging rights

May 05 2014

You don’t need to sell yourself; you just need to create an itch. (Unless you are famous. If you’re like me, you’re not, so you’ll need to work to demonstrate credibility and get attention.) Show me your passion, your professionalism, your successes. Make me believe you’re friendly and approachable and confident and dependable and honest and good. I […]


Figure out what you want to learn and go do it.

April 29 2014

The most valuable things I’ve learned I’ve learned by doing. I didn’t read them out of a book or listen to some famous person who drastically changed my life (although some of these things surely helped). I knew little about business jargon and brand platforms until I began consulting for Fortune 500 companies. I learned about […]


What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?

April 24 2014

Why wait to do what you love? Do what you love.


Ben Franklin was an impresario.

April 21 2014

Ben Franklin was 21 when he first gathered friends and thought leaders for drinks and dinner on Friday nights. Invitees included poets and laborers, academics and politicians. The cohort was a motley one, but they shared one thing: a desire to improve themselves and their communities. In his autobiography, Franklin laid out basic terms for […]


You have three seconds.

April 15 2014

In three seconds, your story has to align with my needs. The only reason a person who doesn’t know you is interested in you is because they’re interested in themselves, and they want to know how you will help them. Your proof is your obsession. Your work shows me whether or not you care.


Life is meant for sharing.

April 07 2014

In over two years, hundreds of people I respect and admire have attended my events. Many have asked how to easily find and connect with others within this community. Now it’s possible. I’ve spent the last few months building a private online resource just for this reason. My friend Clay and I have made unique profiles detailing the […]