4 questions to measure your personal brand

March 03 2016

Whether or not you run a business, you own a media company — your own. With these four questions, be sure you’re building one worth investing in. 1. Are you unique? If you can’t articulate what makes you different, there’s no reason for someone to choose you. Everyone brings different skill sets and perspectives to the table. […]


Not all artists paint

February 25 2016

You’re an artist. Maybe you don’t own paints and haven’t touched a paintbrush in years. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as creative, and you couldn’t draw a house to save your life. Pictionary is your most hated board game. But every day you create. You build. Or you destroy. You have the choice to […]


“You’re not married?”

February 18 2016

“Not married! You don’t want kids?” I often receive questions regarding my relationship status. My answer, it seems, disappoints/confuses many, as if some defect on my part has rendered me less valuable or ambitious. A little under three years ago, I came to a developing country, alone, where I have volunteered as a social worker […]


5 ways to slow down (and get more done)

February 11 2016

In primary school we learn the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Efficiency is rewarded, and the fastest children are given prizes. As we age, schedules become packed with activities, and to-do lists deepen along with wrinkles on our brow. Responsibilities increase, time is limited, and dreams once held dear are pushed […]



February 02 2016

What are you willing to risk? Those at the top level are there because of sacrifice. Time, attention, family, health, luxury, recognition, security, titles, safety. Behind every story of beauty lies pain. Success often follows repeated failure. Fortune accompanies perseverance. The stories that are picked up and publicized, the most famous wins are rarely overnight […]


Can questions foster closeness?

January 27 2016

I believe they do. This is why all of Project Exponential’s signature dinners use questions to bring attendees together. It’s scary to reveal parts of ourselves to others, but in order to nuture relationships and develop closeness in both personal and professional networks, we must establish rapport, build trust and pave the way for future […]


Build reputation, establish trust

January 20 2016

The fastest way to build reputation and trust with the audiences you care about: treat everyone the same. Granting exceptions to certain people makes your work difficult, and you have to remember who you promised what. Trust is the only way you can make solutions that matter and develop reliable products. Give the same respect, […]


Top 10 blog posts

January 12 2016

Before I list the Top 10 most popular posts I’ve written, I want to acknowledge something big: Project Exponential is coming up on FOUR YEARS of existence, and I can hardly believe it. I remember that first dinner as if it happened last month. I had to talk myself into calling friends and a few famous […]


Writing tips for non-writers

January 06 2016

If you’re trying to get something done (build a business, raise funds, get a job, find employees), writing is a helpful skill to have. But if you think writing is best left up to the pros, follow my three-step recipe for a writing process that’s both easy and effective.* Step 1: What are you writing about? Think about what […]


Depression, mood and what you can do

December 28 2015

Last year, around 15.7 million adults experienced at least one major depressive episode; this is about 6.7% of the American population. Anyone who has been there knows once you’re in, you’re in. A dark, downward spiral takes over and it’s difficult to climb out. Depression and anxiety paralyzes even perceptive, bright minds and can kill creative endeavors. In these moments, […]