Search for meaning

December 01 2015

The internet gives you many lives. You can write an article once, muster the courage to post it online, become disappointed when it falls flat and goes unshared, resolve to forget about it and write something else. Then one day, you wake up to an inbox of responses and questions as if this was a piece you posted […]


If you feel like giving up

November 24 2015

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at it: there’s a moment you feel like quitting, throwing in the towel, giving up. Seth Godin penned the journey “The Dip” and believes we too often quit the wrong things at the wrong time. Knowing the difference between staying put and moving on can help us find […]


Unique opportunity: private coaching

November 16 2015

In the past, I helped a few individuals polish their story, set doable goals and learn techniques to live a more colorful, energetic life. Then I went to Nepal and started a small learning center. Space has –yes!– opened up in my schedule, and I’m able to take on one or two new coaching clients. If you seem to […]


6 questions to help you find time for anything

November 10 2015

I often hear friends complaining about time. No one seems to have enough of it, much less extra to spare on a passion project. If you find yourself in this category and long for more hours in the day, consider: How much time do you spend on Facebook? What do you do during the first hour of your […]


12 questions to get past small talk and find out what really matters at networking events

November 03 2015

Gone are the days where weather, food and family are the only acceptable topics of discussion at networking events. People yearn for connection and crave something that makes them feel alive. The people who attract strangers at a party lure with conversations of quality, not quantity. These individuals are passionate, focused and giving, and speaking […]


Those who can and those who cannot

October 27 2015

There is no way to tell who will win. A participant list doesn’t mean everyone will start the race. Some will wake up feeling under the weather and decide to stay in bed. A few joggers may step up to the line the “day-of,” making the decision to run that morning or even that hour. […]


Get lost for awhile

October 22 2015

Leave your phone at home. Lose track of time. Forget your schedule. Close your internet browser. Call a friend. Find a new restaurant. Drive out of the city. Or ride your bike to the nearest town. Play something new on the radio. Hold her hand. Draw, color, paint, read, build, bake. Climb to the tallest […]


3 things I learned starting a social enterprise in Nepal

October 15 2015

Yesterday I had the honor of addressing attendees of Skövde Business Week. I presented my experiences founding the Learning House, a center devoted to education, leadership and community in Western Nepal. To hear my full talk, click this link. I believe “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I don’t think scientific research is needed to show that more educated and competent citizens lead […]


You have something precious.

October 08 2015

Several months ago I had the pleasure of speaking on the ChapterBe podcast. I talked about how I ended up in Nepal and lessons I’ve learned along the way. It was a great interview, punctuated with street dogs barking in the background. The podcast highlights stories of people living across the globe who have made a commitment to live […]


Hiring and firing can make or break you

September 29 2015

I had to make some difficult decisions this week. A few team players haven’t been pulling their weight, so after several discussions trying to find the root of the problem, we had to have The Conversation. There are moments to recognize when it’s time to move on. Passions may be mismatched, vision lost, energy depleted. Firing doesn’t need […]