10 essentials for the modern world

May 13 2015

1. You have to make time for your goals otherwise they won’t happen. 2. You have to recognize where you’ve come from in order to have the endurance to keep going. 3. You have to have the right team around you to get it all done. 4. You have to strive to do work that […]


Today’s opportunity

May 07 2015

Everyone is busy and tired. Even with “nothing” to do, people still find reasons to worry. Stress is a worldwide experience, but our response differs. Consider an interview or an ESL speaking test; everyone is nervous, it’s how you’re able to manage your anxiety to perform. We’re all hurting. Relationships disappoint, jobs are tiresome, families […]


The magic of community (why dinners work)

April 30 2015

“Wow! Truly special, wonderful conversations, learned about others, shared a lot, philosophized, laughed, so much fun. I’d love to do it again.” Another positive email from an enchanted dinner attendee. You carry a unique story. When placed in a room with others, a collective energy forms. Add thought-provoking questions, topics that strip away pretense and […]


You can say no

April 21 2015

There’s one of you. There are many, many “others.” You have every right to dictate where and how you spend your time.


I will tell you how to get what you want

April 13 2015

If I told you there there was one thing you could do every day to get you exactly what you want, would you do it? (The body, the girl, the salary, the job, the car, the book deal, the promotion, the ring, whatever.) I’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear; concrete steps that […]


Would you stop eating for a cause you believe in?

April 04 2015

That’s exactly what Dr. Govinda KC did. A senior orthopedic surgeon and professor at Nepal’s prestigious Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Dr. KC didn’t eat for twelve days. Citing malpractice and corruption in Nepal’s health and education systems, the doctor demanded change. His hunger protest urged government leaders to intervene and take action against dishonest office holders and reassess […]


I quit

March 31 2015

All my life I was told quitting was a big no-no. A character flaw. A deficit. Giving up. Quitting possibly saved my life. It’s been almost two years since I threw everything into the dumpster and came to Nepal. Don’t get me wrong, before I stepped onto the plane, I did some major assessment and […]


Teaching people how to think

March 24 2015

I send students home with newspapers and tell them to come ready to discuss one article tomorrow. Newspapers are incredible learning tools; they don’t carry the “uncool” stigma of textbooks, they’re lightweight and can easily fold into bags and purses and pockets. Not only can papers be scribbled upon (great for note-taking and analysis), they have an inviting […]


New York City restaurants

March 17 2015

I receive many emails asking for restaurant recommendations. Client dinners, hidden gatherings, networking events and fun nights out — here’s a list of some of my NYC favorites, in no particular order: Cafe Select – Their secret back room is home to one of Project Exponential’s very first dinner parties. Beauty & Essex – Hidden behind a pawn shop. Go here […]


“Live a story.”

March 09 2015

I saw this written on a climber’s memorial along the trail to Mount Everest. It haunted me as I walked the ridges leading to Base Camp. Mostly, it got me thinking about the story I was telling. I wasn’t sure if the way I was living was leaving a legacy. I certainly wasn’t convinced I’d be missed. What’s […]