13 lessons to be learned from expats

April 14 2016

It’s OK to not understand everything that is happening around you all of the time. True friends will keep in touch. Don’t compare your life, your successes, your failures or your progress with anyone else. Take time to connect with the people around you. See them for who they really are. Never stop learning. Use […]


The long game

April 07 2016

It’s temping to go after the immediate. “Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” reinforces the tangible, encouraging the pursuit of results that can be seen. But what if the best results aren’t just around the corner — instead, that payoff, that freedom, that title, that responsibility is waiting; 1 year, 3 years, 7 years […]


Give, give, give and ask (not take)

April 01 2016

A few days ago I listened to this podcast with Gary Vaynerchuck and James Altucher. There are many gems packed into the hour-long segment: advice on entrepreneurship, goal setting and finding your passion. Gary encourages listeners to gear up for the long haul and keep sights focused on that seemingly distant finish line — where freedom, self worth, pride, and […]


13 conversation starters to get past small talk

March 24 2016

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you want to connect with a stranger and aren’t sure what to say. Asking about the weather and work only goes so far when you find yourself at a dinner table with distant friends-of-friends. Or maybe you’re at a wedding reception and have exhausted the usual pleasantries. Memorize a […]


10 lessons learned from 3 years of blogging

March 17 2016

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of Project Exponential; 3 years of meals served, friends made, and surprising connections between industries and ideas. I am filled with gratitude and awe when I think about those I have been fortunate to introduce. The anniversary also marks three years of blogging. When I first started, it was a […]


Making time

March 10 2016

Too often it feels like our schedules are packed and we don’t have time to do the things we really want to do. I want to encourage you to step back and reconsider. What if the choices you make on a daily basis could be adjusted, and suddenly you find yourself with an extra hour? […]


4 questions to measure your personal brand

March 03 2016

Whether or not you run a business, you own a media company — your own. With these four questions, be sure you’re building one worth investing in. 1. Are you unique? If you can’t articulate what makes you different, there’s no reason for someone to choose you. Everyone brings different skill sets and perspectives to the table. […]


Not all artists paint

February 25 2016

You’re an artist. Maybe you don’t own paints and haven’t touched a paintbrush in years. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as creative, and you couldn’t draw a house to save your life. Pictionary is your most hated board game. But every day you create. You build. Or you destroy. You have the choice to […]


“You’re not married?”

February 18 2016

“Not married! You don’t want kids?” I often receive questions regarding my relationship status. My answer, it seems, disappoints/confuses many, as if some defect on my part has rendered me less valuable or ambitious. A little under three years ago, I came to a developing country, alone, where I have volunteered as a social worker […]


5 ways to slow down (and get more done)

February 11 2016

In primary school we learn the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Efficiency is rewarded, and the fastest children are given prizes. As we age, schedules become packed with activities, and to-do lists deepen along with wrinkles on our brow. Responsibilities increase, time is limited, and dreams once held dear are pushed […]