When DENIED doesn’t matter

August 18 2016

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of “No’s.” The proposals and emails I’m sending are falling flat, and my inbox is filled with rejections and denials. I could let these responses discourage me, but I’m not. I’m using them as fuel. Like my friend Jodi says, “Care enough to push past the ‘No’.” Rejection doesn’t have to mean failure; […]



August 12 2016

Without a clear list of priorities, you will be sidetracked. Fixed, clear goals help you say yes when it supports you and no when it derails you. Priorities steer your ship in the direction you want to go as oppose to being blown around by life’s unavoidable forces. Commit to at least three areas in your life and […]


7 perks of growing up

August 05 2016

I sat down to make my annual birthday list of what I’m grateful for. I’ve noticed some common themes, and I’m attributing positive change in my life to these seven key areas: Patience – In my twenties, I was carried away by emotions and split-second decisions like a kite in the wind. With time, I’ve learned how to sit through unpleasant […]


6 tips to become a better public speaker

July 28 2016

Public speaking isn’t something to fear. With practice, presentations can connect you more deeply to your clients and your work and can even teach you new lessons about yourself. Use these tips to ace your next event, whether you’re toasting at a dinner party or pitching to an investor. Be honest. If you’re faking or pretending, […]



July 23 2016

I was speaking with a fellow writer today. He has two kids, a humongous garden, several horses, two rambunctious dogs and a wife. “Commit to a schedule,” he said. “It’s the only way to get anything done.” He told me that we have to trick our minds. That by establishing the practice of sitting down and writing […]


Asking is an exercise in humility

July 15 2016

Asking for help isn’t easy. Asking for money, for guidance, for a ride, for a raise. When we ask for something, we’re admitting there’s a gap, something we don’t have.  “Hey, I don’t have this thing that I really need. Do you?” We lack resources or knowledge or ability, but the person on the receiving end of the question has it. […]


Summer dining (invite only)

July 08 2016

Invitations will soon go out for July’s dinner event in New York City. You must be on the list to be considered. Seating is limited to preserve quality of conversation. Individuals from a range of business sectors are brought together to discuss success (and failure), mentorship and art. Networking events often attract professionals from similar industries. Our dinners aim […]


Let’s go to an art residency for one hour, every day

June 30 2016

Writing residencies spoil people. I just finished one month completely devoted to artistic creation. The schedule was up to me, when I wanted to work, for how long and on what. I was surrounded by other energetic artists who were on their own programs — some stayed up all night holed up in their studios, others spent afternoons baking […]


Top 8 most popular posts

June 23 2016

Dig back into the vault and don’t miss any of the good stuff: 12 questions to turn small talk into real talk 5 rules of hustling What brings people together? A coffee riddle 10 questions to ask at a dinner party (instead of “What do you do?”) The people in your life will make or […]


Not every day is inspirational, not every work inspired

June 18 2016

This month I’m participating in an artist residence program. It’s my first experience like this, and I’m surrounded by trees and beauty and very talented creative people. When I first arrived, I was intimidated. Listening to the other artists’ stories and experiences and seeing their work made me feel like the outsider. I never went to […]