Can questions foster closeness?

January 27 2016

I believe they do. This is why all of Project Exponential’s signature dinners use questions to bring attendees together. It’s scary to reveal parts of ourselves to others, but in order to nuture relationships and develop closeness in both personal and professional networks, we must establish rapport, build trust and pave the way for future […]


Build reputation, establish trust

January 20 2016

The fastest way to build reputation and trust with the audiences you care about: treat everyone the same. Granting exceptions to certain people makes your work difficult, and you have to remember who you promised what. Trust is the only way you can make solutions that matter and develop reliable products. Give the same respect, […]


Top 10 blog posts

January 12 2016

Before I list the Top 10 most popular posts I’ve written, I want to acknowledge something big: Project Exponential is coming up on FOUR YEARS of existence, and I can hardly believe it. I remember that first dinner as if it happened last month. I had to talk myself into calling friends and a few famous […]


Writing tips for non-writers

January 06 2016

If you’re trying to get something done (build a business, raise funds, get a job, find employees), writing is a helpful skill to have. But if you think writing is best left up to the pros, follow my three-step recipe for a writing process that’s both easy and effective.* Step 1: What are you writing about? Think about what […]


Depression, mood and what you can do

December 28 2015

Last year, around 15.7 million adults experienced at least one major depressive episode; this is about 6.7% of the American population. Anyone who has been there knows once you’re in, you’re in. A dark, downward spiral takes over and it’s difficult to climb out. Depression and anxiety paralyzes even perceptive, bright minds and can kill creative endeavors. In these moments, […]


While you’re dancing

December 22 2015

You’re trying to get the project finished, but for whatever reason, your goals aren’t being met. With deadlines looming, all the outcomes you had envisioned are falling short. Nothing is working. Square pegs, round holes. Everywhere. You’re dismally unhappy. What would happen if you eased off the gas? Put forth a little less effort? Unmet expectations can be […]



December 17 2015

I’ve worked with monks, criminals, CEOs and students, and they all look for shortcuts. This is why hacks are popular and fitness gurus sell health in pill form and “5-minute exercises.” Numbered blog posts receive more web traffic than developed stories because we want information fast. We don’t have time to sift through inconsequential paragraphs; tell me what I need […]


Time management

December 09 2015

I have no idea how we’re expected to do everything at once. Or why we feel we must. I only know that setting priorities and saying “no” is the only real chance at any success in this department. The big decision is what to say “no” to and what earns a “yes.” These kinds of decisions require some framework of what you want to […]


Search for meaning

December 01 2015

The internet gives you many lives. You can write an article once, muster the courage to post it online, become disappointed when it falls flat and goes unshared, resolve to forget about it and write something else. Then one day, you wake up to an inbox of responses and questions as if this was a piece you posted […]


If you feel like giving up

November 24 2015

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at it: there’s a moment you feel like quitting, throwing in the towel, giving up. Seth Godin penned the journey “The Dip” and believes we too often quit the wrong things at the wrong time. Knowing the difference between staying put and moving on can help us find […]